Affordable International Shipping for Christmas Parcels

Affordable International Shipping for Christmas Parcels

Tis the season to start sending parcels of Christmas gifts to loved ones around the world. Receiving a parcel is always exciting, no matter what your age. Children are delighted when something arrives from granny and grandad, and granny and grandad are equally thrilled to see something arrive from their beloved grandchildren overseas. Knowing that your loved one packed that box themselves makes it all the more special. If you have family or friends abroad, it is time to find the best affordable international shipping from Ireland.

This year, more than ever, everyone is eager to keep costs down. The cost of fuel doesn’t make that easy, but sending a parcel from Ireland doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Affordable international shipping for Christmas depends on a few factors. The more of these tips you can follow, the less you’ll pay for your shipping service.

How to Send a Parcel for Less

Here are some of our top tips for keeping your parcel shipping price as low as possible.

·         Think light. Choose gifts that don’t weigh much. Avoid books, mugs and crystal. Consider clothing, accessories, soft toys, throw blankets and other lightweight items.

·         Ship early. If you send your parcel early enough, you can opt for surface shipping such as sea or road freight, which can be cheaper. But you really have to act fast to avail of this. Talk to our experts to be sure there is still time for surface freight to reach your destination.

·         Use the smallest box you can. Don’t skimp on packing materials and leave your gift unprotected, but opt for the smallest box that allows for adequate padding.

·         Be creative with packing materials. A fluffy scarf or a snuggly fleece makes a great padding for your box as well as a gift!

·         Call around for the best shipping quote. The most familiar names aren’t always the best value. We can give you a detailed quote for surface and air shipping to your destination. Make sure the parcel will be delivered to the recipient’s door, not left for them to collect, if at all possible.

Some factors that influence parcel shipping costs are beyond your control. The further your parcel has to go, the more it is likely to cost. And remote or unusual locations can cost more too.