Affordable International Shipping for Students

As the end of that year studying abroad approaches, students are searching for affordable international shipping to get their belongings home as cheaply as possible. International shipping costs can be high, and students are always keen to save money – tuition for international students isn’t cheap!

Two key things can help keep those shipping costs lower. First, get quotes from several international shipping companies so you can compare prices and find the best bargain. Second, send some things home early by sea or road instead of air. Surface shipping usually costs less, and this allows you to spread the cost instead of paying for everything at once.

How to Get the Cheapest International Shipping

Shopping around can keep your international shipping cost down. Widen your search beyond the familiar parcel delivery services, but look for companies with a proven track record serving your destination. Ask plenty of questions about how to keep your costs low and be sure to compare their air versus surface shipping rates. Consider how much it would cost you to bring your items to the company’s nearest office, and ask if they collect shipments from customers’ doors to save yourself the travel.

Sending some items in advance can also be the cheapest way to ship internationally. With spring arriving, you can pack up and send your winter things. Getting those bulky coats, boots, heavy duvets and other seasonal items out of the way also means less to pack when the school year ends. You might not want to be separated from many other things for any longer than necessary, but things you won’t miss until the autumn can go by surface to save you money.

Packing Tips for Affordable International Shipping

How you pack can have an impact on the cost of your shipping. You can keep the expense down and cut your environmental impact by using your bedding, towels and even clothes as packing materials. For example, if you are sending some fragile items such as pottery or glass, you can wrap them in towels instead of plastic bubble wrap. This will cut the size of your shipment.

Your boxes should be lined with some type of padding, and if you are done with your winter clothes until next autumn, you can use them. You’ll still need sturdy, good quality boxes. Getting old boxes from the local supermarket isn’t an effective way to save because of the risk of the boxes being dirty or breaking.

Spratt Personal Shipping for Students

Our services range from large commercial shipments to parcel delivery. We have years of experience helping students send their belongings abroad and then get them back home. Wherever you’re studying, we’ve almost certainly been there before.

When you need affordable international shipping, just give us a call. Our experienced staff are always happy to answer your questions and help you find the cheapest way to ship internationally.