Australia Set To Lift Car Import Restrictions

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The Australian government announced last week that it is set to relax its import laws and remove tax duty on new, used & classic cars starting in 2018. The move will allow for a greater variety of newly available car models to Australian drivers.

These new relaxed measures will kick in after the last Australian made vehicle rolls off the production line in 2017. There is currently a €12,000 special import duty on all imported vehicles over 25 years old. This duty is set to be scrapped which will come as a welcome relief to classic car enthusiasts in the country who no longer have to face a hefty bill to pursue their passion.

Much like China’s existing parallel import laws, Australians will also have the option of importing new cars directly without having to go through local dealers. This move is expected which will drive down new car prices and open the door to a whole new range of automobile options to the public. There are however a number of conditions that must be met on new car imports. These are:

  • Car buyers will be limited to purchasing once every two years

  • Vehicles must have comparable standards to Australia

  • Vehicle must be right hand drive, no older than 12 months old, and have no more than 500km on the clock.

  • Vehicles will be required to register in an online database.

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