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Mercedes Classic Car Shipping

This Classic Mercedes Benz 1966 was shipped to Perth, Australia from Dublin, Ireland by Spratt Personal Shipping!

Are You Shipping a Car?

The term of car shipping is the movement of a motor vehicle from one point to another. Many people around the world nowadays decide to ship their car with them when moving abroad whether it’s emigrating, a relocation move or more rarely, a student moving back home. In order to do this, a shipping company is required and one that can meet the customers’ needs to move their motor vehicle whether it’s a car, jeep or van.

The best way to ship motor vehicles is by container. The container sizes available are 20ft, 40ft, 40HC and depending on availability, 45ft too. Container shipping is the most secure, safest and best method to ship motor vehicles and by also choosing to ship your car by container, most of the time you have the option to add in your household effects or personal goods with the car inside the container at no additional cost. Another advantage of shipping by container is that there is extremely low risk of weather damage to car compared to other methods like RORO (Roll On Roll Off) for movement of motor vehicles. RORO is definitely not recommended if your motor vehicle is of decent quality and value.

Every motor vehicle must be securely loaded before the container is sent to the origin port for final shipping to destination country and a shipping company should handle all of this for you via the companies own warehouse facility. Before delivering the car to the shipping companies warehouse facility for loading, it is recommended that you do an inspection of the car for any marks, damage etc. before you hand over the keys to the classic car shipping company. It’s also highly recommended that you choose a shipping company in Ireland that has sufficient loading facilities such as loading bays and dock levellers as this is the only best and safest method for loading cars / motor vehicles and this is done professionally on a daily basis by Spratt Personal Shipping’s warehouse staff.

As a private individual, you will need to provide paperwork such as contact details for the origin and destination, a copy passport of photo page (sender or receiver of goods), a copy of the vehicle registration book, a packing list (if you are including personal belongings with your motor vehicle shipment) and finally a valuation of your overall shipment. If also shipping a car from Ireland you will need to provide your PPS number to the shipping company in Ireland as this is a requirement to complete the export customs clearance paperwork before the container leaves the country.

Once the shipment arrives at the destination country, whether it’s Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa or any part of the world, you will need to pay any customs, handling, duties or taxes applicable at the destination country before the container containing the vehicle is released to you. As well as this, the local agent at the destination country will also have to complete the customs clearance with you before you can collect your personal effects shipment. It is recommended that you have a copy of the Bill of Lading document ready to supply the local handling agent at destination which is basically nearly the same thing as a receipt or proof to show you own the shipment.

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