Door to Door Shipping for Awkward Items

door to door shipping

Door to door personal shipping is not just for when you are moving a whole house full of furniture overseas. It can really help when you have anything that’s an awkward size or shape and won’t fit into a car. Even if you are going abroad for a finite amount of time, whether it is a summer or a year, it can be hard to part with certain things. Maybe you’ve gotten into a really good routine with your elliptical walker or stationary bike. Perhaps you’ll be spending the summer in an ideal place to enjoy your kayak. Or you might prefer to bring a particular piece of equipment or machinery for your work rather than invest in a replacement.

Items like this are not easily taken as checked baggage on a flight – or they might not be allowed at all. But even if they are – how are you going to get it from the airport to its destination? The cost, inconvenience and risk of damage are all high trying to transport these kinds of things yourself. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it yourself. You can use door to door shipping, also known as DTD shipping.

What Is DTD Shipping?

Door to door shipping is exactly what it says on the tin. The shipping company will come to you to collect the item in question and they will ensure delivery of it to the front door of your new home or workplace. You can include as much or as little as you want in your shipment.

Depending on your location and budget, you can use either door to door air freight or door to door surface freight. (Surface includes both sea and road.) Door to door air freight will get your items to you faster, but is generally more expensive. The shipping method, size of your shipment and destination all determine the cost.

What Can I Send with Door to Door International Shipping?

Really, anything that’s safe and legal! Here are some items that are much easier to send with DTD shipping.

·         Exercise equipment such as elliptical walkers, stationary bikes, rowing machines, weight sets, etc.

·         Sports gear such as skis, kayaks and canoes, bicycles, golf clubs, punching bags, basketball hoops, croquet sets, etc.

·         Furniture such as couches, desks, beds, tables, chairs, garden furniture, etc.

·         Toys and play equipment such as slides, climbers, swings, playhouse, etc.

Many of the things around the house are awkward to fit into a car – especially in one load! But it isn’t always affordable or convenient to replace them when we move. Using door to door shipping allows you to take those items with you without the hassle of getting them to and from the port yourself.

If you’re curious about what items you can send via door to door shipping, our staff are here to help. Just get in touch, and we can answer your questions.