Door to Door Shipping for Exercise Equipment

shipping bulky items

Most fitness equipment is big, awkward and expensive. It’s an investment, and when you find a piece of exercise equipment that really works for you, you probably don’t want to part with it. But how do you relocate with exercise equipment? It doesn’t really work as checked luggage on a flight, and if you are driving, odds are it won’t fit in the boot of your car. But you can find personal shipping companies that offer door to door shipping for exercise equipment – including Spratt Personal Shipping.

The first question is whether it makes sense to bring your fitness equipment. If you are working toward some fitness goals and your exercise bike or treadmill or rowing machine helps, bringing it is probably your best option. You have to consider the cost of shipping versus the cost of replacing, as well as how easily you can find a suitable replacement that you’ll love and use just as much.

How to Ship Fitness Equipment

Ideally, you can disassemble your exercise bike, elliptical walker, rowing machine, etc. But you’d need to have kept the instructions on how to assemble it – or locate them online – as well as the necessary tools. Usually, those things tend to disappear. But the good news is that you can pack exercise equipment safely without disassembling it. And that means you don’t have to assemble it when it arrives to your new home.

The key thing is to secure all moving parts. You can do this with packing materials and packing tape. A hand cart or dolly is essential for moving heavy, awkward items safely. The last thing anyone wants to do before moving is put their back out! If you are boxing up smaller bits such as weights, be sure the box is strong enough. In some cases, it will be better to wrap them in cardboard or brown paper and tape them securely. Make sure to label everything and note which way is up. This will help the shipping company keep your items safe.

How Does Door to Door Shipping Work?

When considering how to ship your exercise equipment, one decision can make a huge difference. Using door to door shipping means your things come right to your new home. You don’t have to worry about how to get them from the airport or docks back to your place in a new town.

Door to door shipping is literally just that. The international shipping company comes to your home to collect your shipment, and we bring it right to your new door. All you have to do is pack your fitness equipment and other belongings, and we’ll do the rest. Then you can get back on track with your fitness routine straight away in your new home – which can be a great way to combat the stress of a relocation.

If you are planning an international move, we’re here to help. Give us a call to discuss how to ship exercise equipment and any other awkward items you’d like to bring.