Embassy Diplomatic Mail And Cargo Services


Spratt Personal Shipping have been providing an embassy handling service since the 1990s. By liaising with various airlines at Dublin Airport we guarantee embassies the safe delivery of their diplomatic mail and shipments. We facilitate the transport of packages irrespective of direction or destination.

As an airfreight approved company, Spratt are the ideal choice for Dublin based embassies seeking a professional and cost effective service. Spratt are renowned for our knowledge of embassy handling, stemming from our wealth of experience in the field.

Dublin embassies value the service we provide as it eliminates the need for them to deploy staff to chase consignments, deal with customs officials and collect freight from various airlines and handling agents. The full service provided by Spratt caters for all these elements, thereby freeing embassy staff to focus on more practical work.

Our service has been honed over the years and usually takes the following systematic form: Once a consignment bound for a Dublin embassy reaches Irish shores, Spratt begin by collecting the delivery’s shipping papers. We then clear the goods through customs prior to delivering them to the relevant Irish based embassy.

Our connections, reputation and experience enable us to complete this process within one day. Spratt are adept at handling both embassy export and import freight shipping, whether contents comprise mail bags large boxes, pallets, cargo or parcels.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the service we provide. All our staff are fully trained with regard to procedure and are cognisant of the security required to handle diplomatic embassy cargo and mail. Our embassy clients are thus assured that their shipments are in safe hands.

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