Packing Flat Pack Furniture for Overseas Shipping


Flat pack furniture is incredibly popular and convenient. But if you are moving abroad, you probably have some questions about overseas shipping. How do you ship it? How do you pack flat pack furniture? Will you ever be able to reassemble it properly in your new location?

Once upon a time, flat pack furniture was the budget option. It was starter furniture, and people intended to upgrade. Then Ikea came along, and now we have many options for wonderful pieces of furniture we’d hope to have for decades that just happens to arrive flat packed. One great thing about this is that if you are moving, you can take it apart for overseas shipping and reassemble it in your new place. Because it will take up less space this way, it can save on your shipping quote. It also makes it easier to ensure it is packed safely to withstand the jostling that is impossible to avoid in transit.

Quality flat pack furniture can serve you well for many years, but it is not made to withstand the rigours of overseas shipping while assembled. The screws, nuts and bolts will become lose with the motion of travel, and once that happens, it is easy for the piece to be damaged.  But remember it was shipped to you disassembled, so you can expect it to travel well if you pack it well. The shipping quote can be less than the cost of replacing your furniture, especially if your furniture is lightweight and can be flat packed.

How to Prepare Flat Pack Furniture for Overseas Shipping

How you disassemble your furniture determines how difficult it will be to reassemble it. Technology makes it easy to keep a note of how things work. First, while the piece is fully assembled but bare, take photos or video that shows the brackets and bolts in place. Don’t rely on your memory to put it back together properly, even if it seems obvious when you see it assembled. The best option is to video record yourself taking it apart, but if that is not convenient,  photos can work well too.

All those screws and brackets are precise and specific for their exact task. They can also damage other things if they aren’t packed well. Put them in padded envelopes and make notes on the outside to explain which piece of furniture they are for. Use a separate envelope for each piece, and tape it to the underside of the furniture, so it is right there when it is time to reassemble it. You can also make a note of what tools you need on the envelope.

Wrap the pieces of each item of furniture separately with a thick cloth such as blankets, towels or packing blankets. Be especially careful to pad any corners well, so they don’t damage other pieces. Large pieces do not need to be put in a box, but smaller pieces should be. Use a separate box for the bits of each item of furniture and label each one clearly. When you get your overseas shipping to your new home, it will make it much easier and faster to get settled in.

If you have any questions about using our overseas shipping services to move your flat pack furniture, just get in touch. We can explain the process and give you a shipping quote to help you plan for the big move.