Heading Home for Christmas?


There’s no place like home for the holidays. It’s a wonderful feeling to be surrounded with your nearest and dearest back home enjoying your family and cultural traditions. The whole world agrees, and that’s why most airports are a complete nightmare to navigate in late December. You can take a few steps to make your trip less stressful. Imagine stepping into the arrivals area relaxed and refreshed to meet your loved ones.

Everyone who flies long haul often has their own tips and tactics for making the flight as comfortable as possible. Here are some of our favourites.

  • Stay hydrated! Airports have made it difficult to bring your own bottle of water on flights, but this is one time it is well worth it to just buy what you need after you get through security or on flight. Flying can dehydrate you. And the recirculated air on planes can expose you to lots of cold and cough germs. Drinking plenty of water helps your body fight them off.
  • Use a backpack as your carry-on bag. Make sure it is within the size and weight allowed by every airline you will use on your trip, of course. But when you can put your bag on your back, you have your hands free. If you are travelling with children, that is even more important. (And they can bring backpacks too, filled with simple things to keep them busy on the flight.) Chose a rucksack with lots of compartments to make it easier to find what you need in the confined space of your seat.
  • Take some simple comfort items. A neck pillow is a good thing to have on any long-haul flight. Inflatable ones are a tempting option because they save space, but they aren’t always as comfy. You can wrap them in a bit of fleece or a hand towel if you are really pinched for space. An eye shade can help you get some rest on the flight. Make sure you have some relaxing tunes on your device. If you are anxious about flying, you can download some relaxing nature sounds or use a relation or guided breathing app.
  • Slip on some simple shoes. Bring another pair in your carry on or checked bag, but for the airport and flight, having a pair of simple shoes that you can slip on and off quickly will help you get through those torturous security queues faster.
  • Ship what you can. You do not need to arrive with a giant sack of Christmas presents on your back. Spratt can ship your personal effects including presents and extra clothing so you don’t have to deal with carrying it yourself. You can ship your things ahead of your departure and have them waiting for you back home.

The festive season can have a stressful edge to it, especially if you are travelling. Why not do what you can to make it easier on yourself?

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