How to Pack Electronics for Personal Shipping

Our electronics have kept us going through the pandemic, and few of us want to be separated from our devices for long. But if you are relocating, you probably don’t want to carry every single electronic device you own with you. Televisions, desktop computers, printers and stereos are a bit awkward in the car or the carry-on bag! But you can use personal shipping to get them safely to your new location in Ireland or abroad. The key thing is to pack them correctly so they arrive safe and sound.

Before You Pack Your Electronics

Before you start, the first thing you need to do is back up everything. Block off some time for this because it can also involve a lot of organising. Cloud storage is a safe way to ensure your data – those precious photos and those documents you worked so hard creating – is not at risk during your move.

Few of us save the boxes and packing our devices came in, so make sure you have plenty of sturdy boxes and padding to protect your electronics in transit. Remember that the packing materials will take up space, so use boxes that are large enough to accommodate it. Anti-static bubble wrap is ideal. You’ll also need labels and cable ties.

Remove batteries from remote controls and other electronics designed for you to do so. If batteries are not accessible, do not disassemble your electronics to search for them. Remove any memory sticks, DVDs, etc. from your electronics. If you have a computer or television with loads of cables, take a photo of them plugged in to help you get it set up quickly in your new place. You can also use stickers or a marker to colour-code each end of each cable and where it goes, so for example, you would have a red dot on a plug and its corresponding port.

Packing Electronics for Personal Shipping or Parcel Delivery Services

Proper packing protects your electronics in transit. Because we use them so much, we can easily forget how delicate their circuitry is, but it is important to protect electronics from impact and shaking.

  • Start by lining the bottom of the box with thick padding material. You can use newspaper, bubble wrap, towels or blankets.
  • Disconnect cables and use cable ties or bags to keep them organised. Label each one carefully. Keep the cables with their device.
  • Wrap each electronic item separately in anti-static bubble wrap or soft packing paper. Avoid using newspapers or plastic that can have static electricity. Tape the wrapping securely in place.
  • Add an extra layer of wrapping for good padding around each item. This is a handy way to pack your towels.
  • Make sure no device is loose in its box. You can put multiple electronics in the same box, but make sure each one is wrapped separately and you have ample padding between them.
  • Label each box so you know what it is when you arrive in your new place. Also make sure your name and address is on each one.
  • Tape boxes securely shut.

Personal shipping companies such as Spratt can collect your boxes at your door and deliver them right to you in your new home. Whether you are relocating an entire home office to the other side of the world or just shipping a new device to a loved one in another part of Ireland, we will get it there quickly and safely.

If you have any questions about sending electronics by parcel delivery services, please contact us today.