How to Pack Safely for Shipping in Winter

Shipping in Winter with Spratt

The weather outside will soon be frightful, but that won’t change the demand for personal shipping services. Whether you need international shipping from Ireland to send a parcel to a loved one or to relocate your household belongings because you’re moving overseas, knowing how to pack for extreme weather helps ensure your items arrive safely.

When you are shipping in winter, you can expect that while your boxes won’t be left out in the elements for long, they will be exposed to colder temperatures. If you are using international surface shipping, either road or sea, that is a longer journey meaning that your items will be at lower temperatures for a significant amount of time. While this won’t affect things like clothing, it can affect other items.

Which Things Are Most Vulnerable to Cold in Transit?

Some things, such as musical instruments and artwork, are fragile enough that it doesn’t make sense to expose them to very low temperatures. The risk of serious damage is too great. Most other common household items just need some extra care for international shipping from Ireland in the winter.

·         Electronics – Condensation can develop in electronics as the temperature drops. Put smaller items such as devices and cords into plastic bags, and insulate larger items very well. Give your electronics 24 hours after receiving them to get back to room temperature before turning them on.

·         Wooden Furniture – Low temperatures can cause wood to dry out and crack. Give your wooden furniture a polish a few weeks before packing it, and use moving blankets to wrap it up well if you are moving in winter.

·         Glass and Ceramic – Extreme cold makes these items even more fragile than they usually are. Wrap each individual item and use enough packing materials to ensure they don’t move around in their box. Upon their arrival, let them warm up slowly. Sudden temperature changes can lead to items cracking.

Tips for Moving in Winter

Extreme temperatures weaken the adhesive in tape, so skimping on this packing essential is a false economy. Use the best quality tape you can find, preferably one designed to withstand high and low temperatures, and use plenty of it. Line both the outside and inside of all seams on your moving boxes with tape.

The temperature at all points of the journey matters. If you are shipping from Ireland to the USA, remember that the weather in New York or Boston will be very different to the weather in Arizona or Florida. And if you are shipping in winter here, it won’t be winter in Australia or New Zealand! Pack according to the most extreme temperatures at all points.

Spratt has been a leader in international shipping from Ireland to destinations around globe for decades. Our staff is here to help you, and we value all of our customers, from those using our parcel service to those shipping a full container. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any of your questions about shipping in winter.