International Shipping for Clothing

Packing your clothes for international shipping

When you need to send clothing overseas, whether you are moving overseas or sending a gift, one of the first things you might ask is what is the cheapest way to ship clothes internationally. This common question has a two-part answer. First, how you pack the clothing matters. Second, you want to shop around for the best shipping quote.

Some people are surprised that how you pack clothes matters. But it does affect how much you can fit into a box or suitcase, and the smaller the box (or the fewer boxes you send) the less your shipment costs. Packing clothing the right way also helps ensure it gets to its destination without any damage.

How Do I Ship Clothes?

When you use a personal shipping company, you can pack clothing in a box or a suitcase. Whichever you use, make sure it is clean, sturdy and free of any damage. An old suitcase is usually better than a free cardboard box from the grocery store. Those grocery store boxes are often contaminated by traces of food, and they aren’t made to be used multiple times. A suitcase from a charity shop can be cleaned. Saving on what you put the clothes into saves on the overall cost of your shipping. Don’t cancel out the money saved by finding the cheapest way to ship clothes internationally by then spending extra on suitcases, boxes and packing materials.

Rolling your clothes is a great way to pack them because they take up less space and don’t get wrinkled. If you are sending them in a cardboard box, line it with a bin liner to protect them from damp in transit. Be sure to seal all the edges with sturdy packing tape.

Cheapest Way to Ship Clothes Internationally

International shipping for clothes is pretty straightforward, as long as the clothing is not for resale. (In that case, there can be trade laws involved.) The main decision here is whether to ship your clothing by air or surface. Air is faster, but surface is usually cheaper. The size and weight of your shipment influence the cost too. That’s why it pays to be minimalist about packing materials. Do make sure that any shoes are wrapped in plastic or packing paper, especially if they have buckles, and if you are using a cardboard box, use a bin liner. But other than that, you don’t usually need any packing materials for clothing.

The best way to find the cheapest way to ship clothes internationally to your destination is to call around. If you pack the clothes first, you can get an accurate shipping quote based on the weight and size of the shipment.

At Spratt Personal Shipping, we are experts at international shipping for clothing, books, furniture, kitchenware and all household goods. We’re happy to take the time to discuss your needs and help you find the best value that meets your needs.