Why Use an Irish Known Consignor for Overseas Shipping?

Shipping goods within one country is a fairly simple matter. It’s when you want to import or export goods that things get complicated. One way to simplify matters is to choose an experienced overseas shipping company that is a known consignor. International shipping companies have to meet strict standards to earn known consignor status in Ireland, and it means their clients can rest assured their freight is in good hands.

What is a known consignor? Under European Union regulations, international shipping companies have two basic options for how they operate. They can meet the requirements for known consignor status, proving that their supply chain is completely secure so that their shipments can be processed faster. Or, alternatively, if the company opts not to meet those standards, their shipments are subject to various checks to ensure the cargo is exactly what it is said to be. This can involve delays and create uncertainty about the timeframe for getting goods from one place to another.

While those checks take time, they are necessary for international shipping companies without known consignor status. The news headlines remind us regularly that overseas shipping can be abused for a range of criminal activities from tax evasion to human trafficking. Companies such as Spratt Transport that have earned recognition as known consignors have shown that they operate to the highest standards and take all precautions to ensure the integrity of their freight.

Benefits to the Customer of Using a Known Consignor

From the customer’s point of view, three benefits of using a known consignor such as Spratt Transport for overseas shipping stand out. It’s easier, faster and more secure than using international shipping companies without known consignor status.

  • Easier: We’ve done the work of securing everything, which means less hassle for our customers. It gives you total peace of mind.
  • Faster: When you use a known consignor for overseas shipping, it basically fast tracks your freight. Your shipment won’t be delayed by checks or confusion about what your cargo is or who might have had access to it.
  • Most Secure: Our customers have the benefit of knowing that once their shipment is in our hands, it is secure. Our staff have the requisite training to keep your freight safe. Our fleet and our warehouse are secured to the highest standards.

In addition to our known consignor status, Spratt Transport offers more than 25 years of experience with overseas shipping. We are at Dublin airport every day delivering and collecting shipments. Our expertise means our customers don’t have to be experts at the detailed logistics of importing and exporting. We are. Not only will we get your goods to their destination quickly and safely, but we can also work with you to find the most affordable option for you.

If you’d like more information about how Spratt Transport’s known consignor status and quarter-century of experience can help your company import or export goods, please get in touch.