Is Shipping Furniture Internationally a Good Idea?

Shipping Furniture Internationally

If you are planning an overseas move in the next year, one of the questions you might have is can furniture be shipped overseas? It can be. Freight companies with expertise in international shipping from Ireland carry furniture and household goods every day. A tougher question is should you ship the furniture you currently own to your new home abroad? The answer to that question isn’t so straightforward!

Here are some of the key questions to ask when you are considering shipping furniture internationally.

·         Is the cost of shipping it less than the cost of replacing it in your new town? The price for comparable furniture might be similar to Ireland, or it could be much less or much more. A little time online should answer this for you. Just remember to compare like to like. If the replacement cost is less, try to confirm the quality isn’t also less.

·         Is this furniture suitable for your new home? You might not know exactly what your specific dwelling will be like, but consider the likely size of your next home and the climate. If you are moving to a tropical country, you might not want those overstuffed armchairs.

·         Can it be shipped safely? For most pieces, the answer is a resounding yes – if the furniture is packed properly. But if you have some fragile, antique pieces, talk to your international shipping company about the best way to protect them in transit.

·         Why do you want to bring it? If that’s the rocking chair where you held your babies and sang them to sleep, no other chair can replace that.

How to Use International Shipping from Ireland for Furniture

Shipping your furniture overseas isn’t an all or nothing proposition. You can take everything and fill a shipping container, or you can take a few things. You don’t have to use a whole shipping container. International shipping companies also offer less than container load options. That can be a very manageable way to bring a few favourite pieces that will make your new place feel like home along with all of your personal items (dishes, clothing, sports equipment, children’s toys, holiday decorations, etc.).

When you are getting freight quotes, ask if the service is door-to-door or port-to-port. You can also arrange for door-to-port, or even port-to-door, but obviously door to door is easiest in most situations. Your ‘door’ can even be a storage unit if you don’t have an address yet.

Planning a move abroad is time-consuming. It involves infinitely many details, and the answers can vary depending on where you are moving. Taking the time to plan ahead and do your research on housing and furniture options in your new home can save you effort closer to your moving time.

If you are planning a move and have questions about shipping furniture from Ireland, please get in touch. We’ve helped countless people make international moves. Our experts can advise you on every aspect of international shipping from Ireland and help you find the best solution for you.