Managing the Stress of an International Move

Moving house can be one of life’s most stressful events. While it isn’t normally traumatic or on par with losing a loved one or being sent to prison, it’s a major disruption to your life – even if you’re happy about the move. Moving house involves a lot of different life changes such as losing the comfort of a familiar town, packing everything up, finding a new home, starting a new job, adjusting to a new culture or learning a new language. One stress factor that affects everyone moving is getting their belongings from here to there. Learning about international shipping from Ireland can be daunting when you add it to the long list of other moving tasks.

Happily, you can take some concrete steps to dramatically reduce how stressful your move is. Creating a moving schedule can help you plan in advance and reduce your mental load. Work backwards from the actual date of your move and schedule when you will do all of the tasks related to your move such as cancelling utilities, packing, researching shipping companies in Ireland, house hunting, learning about your new location and decluttering. You can include some self-care in this schedule too because even an hour a week of relaxation can help you get through the move with less stress and hassle.

Key Tasks for Your Moving Schedule

While some things have to wait until fairly close to your moving date, others can be done months in advance. The sooner you start, the less hectic the days right before your move will be. So what can you start doing first?

·         Get quotes for international shipping from Ireland. Price is important, but also consider their customer service. Will they help you with customs? What kind of tracking service do they offer? A friendly staff that’s easy to talk to goes a long way when you are under pressure.

·         Declutter as much as you can. An hour a week spent recycling, donating or selling things you won’t need is much easier than a frantic burst of effort a month before your moving day.

·         The more you can learn about your new home, the easier it will be to settle in. Dedicate one evening every week to reading the local news online, practicing the language, browsing housing ads, studying the public transport system or learning about the history and culture. Just looking at maps online can help you get familiar with how to find essentials such as the grocery store.

·         A couple of hours every weekend packing up those things you don’t need but want to keep is time well spent. Will you need those holiday decorations, seasonal clothes or sports equipment before you move? You can use shipping companies in Ireland to send them weeks before your actual move by surface freight so they arrive when or after you do.

·         Remember to relax. Schedule time for a walk in nature, a visit with friends, a massage or whatever helps you unwind. Putting your move out of your mind for this time is easier when you have all the steps scheduled already.

The staff at Spratt Personal Shipping is here to help you understand international shipping from Ireland. If you are preparing to move, why not talk to us about how we can make it easier for you?