Case-Study: Moving To The UK


This time last year I was preparing to make one of the biggest decisions in my life so far. Ok that may sound a little dramatic but it was a stressful period none-the-less. The move in question was to the University Of Wolverhampton in the UK where I was to complete the second year of my Economics and Business BA.

Although Wolverhampton is only a short-hop across the water in terms of travel, my main concern was the transportation of my belongings from here in Dublin over to the campus housing. I’ve always been guilty as charged when it comes to hoarding my possessions. I’m also a major clothes hoarder so needless to say I had a lot of excess baggage to shift over!

My general concern was about finding a company I could trust to move my stuff in a safe and fast manner while maintaining a reasonable price that suited my budget.

After receiving quotes from a number of companies I came across Spratt Personal Shipping and I was immediately impressed with the professionalism of their website. From previous endeavors however I discovered a good website doesn’t always reflect the service practices of the business itself but thankfully on this occasion the quality-of-service was to the highest standard.

“Moving To The UK? Let Spratt Personal Shipping Handle All The Stress”

Right from my initial quote, Pady and the team put me at ease about the logistics and safety  around the shipping of my belongings. In terms of price they offered one that fit right in-line with my budget which also proved a lot more reasonable than the other before-mentioned quotes I was given.

The regular friendly communication and the sheer level of professional service I received while my possessions were in-transit was second to none. Pady took me through every step of the way and even went outside normal working hours to get in touch to inform me of the arrival of my Items. I was left in no doubt about the high-standard that this company had set for themselves over the years.

Two-months ago I came home after my term was up. Although I was sad to leave it was great to come home to see my family and friends. Once-again the issue of shifting my now even larger collection of belongings arose, However I didn’t have to think-twice about who I was going to call this time around….


Here at Spratt Personal Shipping we offer the best prices in town for shipping Excess Baggage & Personal Effects.

If you are moving to the UK-or-abroad  to study this year and would like your belongings shipped in a safe & secure manner to the highest professional standard then please don’t hesitate to get-in-touch with us today.



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