Overseas Shipping for Retirees

overseas shipping for retirees

After a lifetime of working in Ireland, many retirees dream of seeing more sun. For some, that means a one-way ticket, but for others, the idea of permanently leaving Ireland is too much. They prefer to spend the winter months in a warmer climate such as Spain or Portugal and to stay at home in Ireland for most of the year. Either way, overseas shipping makes it easy. Shipping personal items offer many benefits for retirees abroad, whether they are moving permanently or just escaping the Irish winter.

Cost of living is a huge factor in many retirement decisions. If you need to furnish a retirement or second home abroad, that can take up a large chunk of your savings. While some items such as electronics will have to be purchased locally, you can often save money by shipping personal items such as furniture, dishes, linens and other household goods. If you are only going abroad for a few months of each year, you would obviously leave your furniture at home in Ireland. But you can use overseas shipping for other items that you want to have with you wherever you are.

How Overseas Shipping Works

How much you send totally depends on your own needs and preferences. You can use overseas shipping to send a house full of furniture, or you can use it just for shipping personal items. Your shipment can be a container or a parcel. So no one needs to worry that they have too much or too little to use Spratt’s overseas shipping services.

Spratt Personal Shipping offers a daily air freight service and a weekly sea freight service. Which you choose depends on your location and preferences. We collect your items from your door. Small items should be packed into suitcases, parcels or boxes. Larger, bulky items can be left loose. When you arrive at your destination, you can then collect your shipment from the airport or seaport. You will be responsible for import taxes or fees, which vary by country. If you have any questions about your specific destination, please get in touch. We’re happy to explain the process of overseas shipping in more detail.

Whether you are relocating upon retirement for a few months or indefinitely, Spratt Personal Shipping can make it easy to bring some of your treasured belongings with you. Shipping personal items is often easier and cheaper than replacing them, and we’re here to help you with the whole process. Contact us today for more details.


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