Overseas Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses

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Expanding from a purely domestic Irish customer base to European markets is a huge and exciting step for any business. Establishing relationships with retailers in other countries who can market your products to their customers is a big task, and it is important to get things off on the right foot. That means finding a way to ship your products from Ireland that is reliable and affordable. But what if you are just starting out and exporting a small quantity of goods to your new markets in various European countries? What sort of overseas shipping is available to you in Ireland? In most cases, your best option is groupage freight shipping to Europe.

What Is Groupage in Overseas Shipping?

Groupage shipping, also known as less than container load shipping, means that your goods share a container with goods from other exporters. Instead of paying for container space you can’t fill or using a more expensive shipping option, you pay only for the portion of the container your goods occupy. You have all of the benefits such as collection from your premises, storage in a secure warehouse and palletisation even if you are only exporting a relatively small quantity of goods.

How Our Groupage Overseas Shipping Works

Spratt’s groupage services to Europe are as easy to use as any of our other services. We offer a door to door groupage service throughout Europe. We will collect your freight whether it is pallets, boxes, cartons or oversized crates. Then we’ll deliver it with our European trailer service directly to your buyer’s premises.

Depending on the destination, our trailer service departs daily, twice weekly or weekly. Talk to us if you want to expand your export market to Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland or Turkey.

How Groupage Can Ease Your Brand’s Growing Pains

Expanding to markets across Europe is a fantastic achievement, but it can feel daunting. One key to success is finding the right overseas shipping service. Using groupage means you reap the benefits of lower freight costs without worrying about filling an entire container. Your shipments can grow as demand for your product grows. We can also take that full container of your product when you’re ready!

This flexibility means you can start with smaller orders to new customers instead of forcing them to choose between taking a risk with a large order of a new product or just not carrying your goods. You can grow in manageable steps rather than taking a huge leap all at once. You can deliver on smaller orders while you scale up manufacturing to meet the growing demand. And you can do it with a transport company you can trust. Spratt has been down this road before! Your growing company can rely on our experience, and you can focus on making and selling your product while we handle the logistics of delivering it.