3 Tips for Successful Overseas Shipping


When you are using parcel delivery services for overseas shipping, it is important to shop around and learn how different international shipping companies do things. Compare freight quotes and times and ask plenty of questions so you can compare the services. Once you choose your company, you want to make sure your parcels are in the proper order to go. You can avoid any complications by preparing your parcel correctly for overseas shipping. Here are a few easy tips to get your items ready for their journey.

1.      Use Quality Boxes.

It’s tempting to pick up those used boxes at the grocery store, but don’t do it. They are not made to last, and often they are contaminated by bits of food. Your best option is to buy quality parcel or moving boxes. If you are looking for free boxes from a retail place, try your local bookstore. The boxes won’t have food in them, and they are sturdy enough to ship books. Using two of these boxes, one slightly smaller one inside another, can add extra protection for your items. Be sure that any packing material you use is clean, and use plenty of it to protect your items. At Spratt Personal Shipping, we also offer shipping boxes and packing material to accompaniment your shipping quote, so you just need to mention what you need in your quote request and we will take care of the rest. 

2.      Check the Country Regulations.

Overseas shipping can be daunting because every country has their own rules and regulations. It’s important to check the rules of your destination country. In general, anything that can combust or explode is likely to be forbidden. Food, if allowed, must normally be in its original packaging, which should list all ingredients. Don’t assume that common sense or Irish rules will be universal. The USA bans Kinder Eggs, for example, classing the tiny plastic toys as a choking hazard.

3.      Label Everything.

Yes, it makes it difficult to send a surprise with parcel delivery services, but customs will insist on knowing exactly what is in your parcel. They are keeping an eye out for banned items or commercial shipments trying to evade customs duties. If you are sending a present, label it ‘gift’ to avoid any confusion about duties and include the approximate value. If you are using overseas shipping to move your own items when you relocate, you will be very glad you took the time to label everything when you are unpacking!

Using overseas shipping does not have to be complicated. At Spratt Personal Shipping, we make it easy to send a gift to a loved one abroad and to move the contents of your house when you relocate overseas. We’ll collect your items from your home and provide full tracking and traceability whether you send them by air or surface shipping.

If you have any questions about how to prepare your package for our parcel delivery services or other overseas shipping, please get it touch.