Packing to Ship Personal Belongings Internationally

personal shipping overseas with spratt

If you’re moving across town, you might not worry as much about how you pack your things. But when you are moving overseas, it’s a different story. When you ship personal belongings internationally, they have to be well protected for the journey.

Whether you ship by air, road or sea, your things will be jostled and experience different temperatures and levels of humidity. If they are not packed correctly, this could result in some damage. These packing tips should protect your clothing, dishes, furniture, sports gear, toys and anything else you are sending in your personal international shipping.

Packing to Prevent Breakage

Personal shipping companies will treat your items with care, but nothing can prevent a bit of jostling along the way. Planes hit turbulence. Ships rock in stormy seas. Even trucks hit potholes on the road. If your items are packed securely, they will survive this.

Wrap all fragile items carefully in bubble wrap or packing paper. An eco- and budget-friendly option is to use towels, bedding and even clothing to wrap breakables. Pad the boxes with blankets or packing materials so everything fits snuggly. Items should not have any wiggle room.

Use only sturdy boxes in new condition when you ship personal belongings internationally. Free boxes from the supermarket are tempting, but they aren’t strong enough to protect your belongings. Personal effects shipping companies will stack your boxes and secure them onto pallets. The boxes need to be able to bear the weight of other boxes.

Protecting Your Shipment from the Elements

Your boxes won’t be left sitting unprotected in the rain, but they won’t spend their journey entirely in climate-controlled storage either. Temperature extremes and temperature changes can pose a danger to your items.

Make sure everything is completely dry when you pack it. If you are packing liquids such as shampoo or perfume, place them in a plastic bag and seal them shut. Also, make sure containers are not completely full. Giving the contents a little space to expand can prevent the container from bursting.

Safely Ship Personal Belongings Internationally

Of course, you want to find the cheapest way to ship personal belongings internationally and overseas, but you also want to find the safest and most reliable international shipping company. If you have to pay to replace things, you aren’t saving any money. When you look for shipping quotes, also ask about how the company will protect your shipment. Look for reviews, and find out exactly what the service does and doesn’t include.

At Spratt Personal Shipping, we know your shipment isn’t just boxes. It’s framed photos of priceless memories, your child’s favourite toys, the bike you’ll rely on for transport in your new home and much more. If you’re preparing to move overseas, contact us today to find out how we can ship your personal belongings safely at a competitive price.