Parcel Delivery Services for Book Lovers

parcel-delivery-services-book-loversMoving overseas usually means leaving a lot behind. But not everything. If you are a book lover, you do not have to say goodbye to your books. You can send your whole library to yourself with parcel delivery services. Enjoy your favourite books again and again in your new home without hauling them on an aeroplane or paying normal postage rates for them. Many international shipping companies handle shipments of all sizes, not just huge containers of furniture.

One of the best things about using international shipping companies to deliver your books to your new location is that you can arrange to have them arrive after you do. That gives you time to find a place, settle in and get your bookshelves ready before you collect your shipment. You can collect your parcels of books and unpack them at your leisure. Your books can be sent by air or sea, depending on your location and personal preference. You then collect them from the port or international airport nearest you.

How to Pack Books for Parcel Delivery Services

Books are a lot more durable than glass, but they deserve a little TLC when they are being packed for parcel delivery services. And because they are heavy, you want to organise things so they are easy to manage.

  • Use sturdy, new cardboard boxes: it is worth investing in good boxes that will protect your books. You can either ask your shipping services provider to include some shipping boxes on your quote or, in a pinch, ask for boxes at a book shop instead of a grocery store.

  • Get ready for packing heavy materials: the weight of books is the biggest challenge shipping them. You can either use smaller boxes or combine books with lightweight but sturdy items such as duvets in larger boxes. Make sure you can easily lift each box.

  • Making unpack quickly: pack books of similar size together so they don’t move around in the box. Make sure each box is packed tightly.

  • Prepare to protect your books: start saving clean plastic shrink wrap in advance of your move so you can use it to protect your books. Save plastic by wrapping a stack of same-size books together instead of wrapping each book.

Using parcel delivery services is an easy and affordable way to keep your treasured library with you when you move abroad. Familiar books are a great comfort to those who love them, and a bit of literary escapism is a great way to cope with any culture shock in your new home.