Parcel Delivery Services – Care Packages

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If your child, grandchild, niece or nephew is studying or working abroad, you know their life is a fantastic adventure right now. They are exploring a new country, learning to leap over culture and language barriers to make new friends, and making incredible memories. With so much going on, you might suspect they have all but forgotten home. But that’s not true. In between those bouts of excitement, odds are they have moments of homesickness. Once the initial excitement of being aboard wears off, they probably start to crave something from home that they cannot find locally. That is where you and good parcel delivery services can team up to ease that homesickness. The digital age brings us all closer online, but it can’t deliver a care package assembled by a loved one back home.

Parcel delivery services can bring your loved one a package of any size. It won’t cost the earth either. You can easily get a parcel delivery quote via phone or email to make sure your care package fits your budget. It can be a once-off treat, or if the parcel delivery quotes are comfortable for you, you could send something a few times a year. Easter is a great time to send a care package, especially for students. You have a theme in the holiday, and Irish chocolate really is better than what is available in much of the world. Students might have been home for Christmas, and Easter comes at a nice mid-point between then and the summer break.

What to Put in Your Care Package from Ireland

Food is going to be at the top of most lists! The options in many countries for basic items such as tea, biscuits, cakes, chocolate, bread and crisps are not like those here in Ireland. Soda bread and brown bread are hard to find in some corners of the world, and even salt and vinegar crisps are not found everywhere. If your loved one is passionate about a particular brand of tea, they are not likely to be impressed with the selection overseas. Just be sure that whatever food you pack does not violate any customs regulations of the country where it is going.

While it’s possible to follow the main news of every town online, nothing compares to the actual local paper. The online versions are usually only the highlights, the biggest stories, but it is the small pieces that really nurture that connection to home. Did your loved one pack enough local gear such as GAA shirts, flags, hats, etc? These are great gifts for new friends too, so it is never any harm to pop a few pieces of local colour into that box for the parcel delivery services. These things are very light, so they won’t have much impact on that parcel delivery quote.

If you want to send some love to someone abroad, parcel delivery services is a great way to do it. Contact us for a parcel delivery quote, and feel free to ask any questions about your care package.