Parcel Delivery Services for Students

shipping services for students

Going abroad for a school year isn’t like moving overseas for a job or a relationship or any other situation where you are staying for years or indefinitely. If you are doing an exchange programme for a year, you probably want a few things from home beyond your clothing and toiletries, but not your furniture. Odds are, you will be staying in furnished accommodation. But you might still want your bike, your favourite duvet, your own towels, books, and a few other things. It would not be easy to take that on a plane or train with you, but you can easily send those things via parcel delivery services to make your arrival smooth and simple. You might be surprised at how affordable it is when you call to get a shipping quote.

Exactly what you need to bring depends on where you are going. Will you need your skis and a couple of heavy winter coats? Or your wetsuit and snorkel gear? What about camping gear if you want to spend the breaks exploring the country you are visiting? Some things can go with you anywhere, such as your guitar or bike. Whatever you want to have with you, sending it with parcel delivery services means you don’t have to deal with collecting it at baggage claim and getting it to your new place when you are still jet-lagged and unsure of exactly where you are going.

Getting a Shipping Quote and Other Important Details

The first step is to plan exactly what you want to bring with you. Pack your small items into a sturdy box, and try to get an accurate weight and measurement of the dimensions. That will help us give you an accurate shipping quote. Doing this sooner rather than later means you can budget based on your shipping quote.

You won’t be separated from your things for long if you send them by air. At Spratt Personal Shipping, we offer a daily air freight service. Sea freight goes weekly, but you can send your items before you leave. We will collect them from your house, and deliver them to an international airport or seaport near you. You can collect them there. We operate parcel delivery services throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Whether you’re going to the United Kingdom, the United States or the United Arab Emirates, we can get your parcel to you at a reasonable cost.

From Albania to Zambia, we deliver. If you are curious about the possibility of using our parcel delivery services to ship some of your personal belongings to where you will be studying in the autumn, call us for a shipping quote. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.