Personal Shipping for Moving House

Moving house can be complicated even if you don’t have a lot to move. If you live in a furnished apartment or are moving out of your family home, it probably isn’t worth using a removals company. Then again, what if it doesn’t all fit in the car? What if you don’t have a car? Did you know you can use parcel delivery services to move your belongings when you relocate within Ireland? Personal shipping isn’t just for sending things overseas. If what you are taking is too much to carry with you and too little to justify a removals company, you can use parcel delivery services for an easy move.

One of the key advantages is that companies such as Spratt Personal Shipping will collect your boxes or items from your current location. That’s a door to door service so all you have to bring is yourself. Whether you are moving across town or across Ireland, using parcel delivery services makes your relocation easier and more convenient. You can also schedule when it is convenient for you with no worries about anyone else’s schedule. And of course, professional shipping companies have all of the hand carts and other equipment needed to safely move heavy items – not to mention years of experience.

How to Use Parcel Delivery Services for Moving

Using parcel delivery services for moving house is easy. See below a list of what you need to do for each step.

  • Pack your belongings into sturdy boxes or suitcases. Make sure to use plenty of padding for any fragile items. You can save money on both packing supplies and the cost of shipping by using towels and clothing to wrap dishes or ornaments. Tape each box securely shut.
  • If you have many boxes, it helps to make a list of what is in each and to label your boxes. This will help you find things faster when you are unpacking in your new home. Also, put your name and new address on the boxes.
  • Contact Spratt Personal Shipping to arrange for collection and delivery times. We’ll come to your current home to get everything, and we’ll deliver it to your new home. All you need to do is be there when we arrive with it.
  • Unpack and enjoy your new place!

Using personal shipping for your local move makes more sense now than ever. Our staff always safeguard your belongings, and now we also take every precaution regarding COVID-19.  

In these trying times, using parcel delivery services for your move is one way you can make things easier. If you are moving house, why not get in touch to learn how we can make it as easy as possible? Contact us today.