Personal Shipping for Pets

personal-shipping-for-petsIf you are moving overseas with your favourite feline or pampered pooch, you can include a few things in your personal shipping to make them feel at home in your new place. Pets, especially dogs, thrive on routine and familiarity. They notice details. Remember, their sense of smell is exponentially better than ours. Bringing a few of their belongings when you relocate reassures them they are safe in their new surroundings and helps them relax.

Another issue when moving with pets is what will be available in your new location. Is the culture as accepting of pets? Will the shops have the variety of treats and toys your fur babies know and love? What about their regular brand of food? Your pet will have a lot of new things to get used to, so the more familiarity they have, the easier the move is.

If you do have to change pet food brands, it is best done gradually to avoid any upset tummies. The best way is to start by mixing one part of the new food to three parts of the old food and serve that for a week. For the second week, give them equal amounts of both foods. After that, you can slowly and steadily increase the new food while decreasing the old brand. If the new brand does not agree with them, you can start the process over with another option after you’ve returned them to their familiar brand for a week or so. This won’t guarantee that your pet doesn’t suffer an upset stomach, but it eliminates one of the major reasons. They will be drinking different water and if they are nervous that can affect them too. If your pet has issues with anxiety or digestion, talk to your vet about a medication you can bring in your personal shipping to help them.

Your Pet’s Packing List

You don’t have to bring everything your pets own, but you can ease their transition by including the items on this pet packing list in your personal shipping.

  • A supply of their regular food so you can change it gradually. It’s also handy not to have to go shopping for pet food as soon as you arrive.
  • Their bed. Even if their bed is old and tattered, they will be comforted to have it in new surroundings. If it really is in bad shape, you can buy a new one a few weeks before you go so they get used to it.
  • A few of their favourite toys. Dogs relieve stress by chewing, so if your dog has a favourite sturdy chew toy it is a great thing to bring. Some dogs and cats take comfort from a soft toy. For cats, their cat tree or enclosed bed is their fortress. If you can bring their favourite hiding place, they will feel safe inside it while they get used to their new home.
  • For dogs, bringing their lead and harness is essential. You don’t want to be without those at any point in transit.
  • If you have good quality grooming tools, it is probably easier to bring those in your personal shipping than to replace them.
  • Their medical records. Of course, you’ll need their vaccine records to bring them overseas, but down the road, you might need to check something in their general medical records.

One critical thing to remember in the move is to update their details on their microchip database. If you aren’t sure how to do that or which database they are on, ask your vet. They can give you the details and point you in the right direction.

Personal shipping services can help you making your pet comfortable in their new place. Contact us today to learn how we can help you to move abroad with your dog or cat.



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