Personal Shipping Services Let You Bring Everything but the Kitchen Sink

kitchen-personal-shipping-servicesWhether you love cooking or just want to keep meal prep as easy as possible, it is hard not to get attached to all of your kitchen things. From gadgets to pans and baking equipment, our kitchen tools reflect our preferences and help us enjoy our favourite foods. And when you move overseas, familiar food can make the transition easier. Taking all the portable parts of your kitchen with you on a plane isn’t realistic, but personal shipping services can reunite you with almost everything but the kitchen sink (and some major appliances).

Unless you are moving to England, Scotland or Wales, it doesn’t make sense to bring electronic gadgets. They are not compatible with the electrical systems in other countries, and running them off an adaptor is not a good long-term option. So you will need to replace things like your blender, mixer, toaster and kettle.

Other items are much easier to bring and to use anywhere. So you can enjoy your tried and true kitchen tools wherever you are moving if you use personal shipping services to get them where you are going.

How to Pack Your Kitchen for Personal Shipping Services

Packing kitchen things is different from packing your clothes. But with a little care, you can ensure your things arrive safely to your new location. Here’s how to pack various items from your kitchen for personal shipping services. Everything should be clean and dry when packed.

  • Dishes and Mixing Bowls: These are safest in small to medium size boxes with plenty of padding. You can use your tea towels as padding, so you have them with you too. Place a tea towel, piece of cardboard, bubble wrap, etc. between each item and stack items of the same type together. Then wrap all of that item (your plates, a set of bowls, etc.) together in more packing material. 
  • Glasses and Mugs: These items won’t stack safely so that you can wrap each one separately. Use plenty of packing material on these as they are more fragile. Line the box with extra padding. You can use bath towels or sheets for padding. It’s eco- friendly and it means you don’t use up space in other boxes packing them. 
  • Cutlery and Knives: While your cutlery is unlikely to be damaged in transit with personal shipping services, it needs to be packed carefully, so it does not damage other items. Stack all the same items (forks, for example) together and wrap them in packing material. Use tape to ensure the packing does not slip off of the cutlery. If you have a knife block, leaving your knives in it and wrapping it well will protect the blades. Otherwise, wrap each knife separately in paper or cloth. Group them according to size, and bundle those of similar size together by wrapping them with more paper or cloth. Tape the packing securely on. Then place all of the knives in a small box such as a shoe box, tape it closed and label it. 
  • Pots and Pans: These are perhaps the easiest thing in the kitchen to pack. Wrap them and place them in a box with other items that are not fragile. 
  • Cooking Utensils: For anything sharp such as large forks, use the same technique as for knives. Wooden spoons, metal spatulas, tongs, etc. can be wrapped and put in the box with the pans. 
  • Furniture: If you are bringing your kitchen table and chairs or your kitchen dresser, wrap in padded furniture covers and secure them in place. You do not need to box large items like this. Your personal shipping services company will collect them and palletise them for you.

Labelling all of your kitchen boxes clearly makes it much easier to settle into your new home. You can start cooking easily as soon as you are reunited with your kitchen things. Familiar foods are an excellent remedy for homesickness, and trying out new local recipes is a fun way to get to know the culture of your new location. We will be glad helping you on organising your personal shipping items and get them to your new destination.