Personal Shipping Tips for Moving with Children

Personal Shipping Tips for Moving with Children

If your family is planning an overseas move in 2023, you can make it easier for your children by involving them when you pack your belongings for personal shipping from Ireland. An international move can be scary for children because they are leaving behind much of what is familiar to them and they have little control over what happens. Letting them be involved in the packing in an age-appropriate way gives them a sense of control while also showing them which familiar, comforting belongings will join them in your new home.

While you are busy contacting shipping companies in Ireland to find the most affordable international shipping, the children can be learning about their future home. A trip to the library or a bit of searching online can provide them with photos of the country where you are moving as well as important information about life there. Older children can try their hand at cooking some of the local dishes.

Try to find some things you can plan to do there that your children will look forward to. Whether it is a major amusement park, a historic site or a nearby beach or park, if they can see pictures of it, they can focus on the adventure ahead.

Can Children Pack Their Own Things?

This is very individual. While very few kids could be trusted to pack fragile items carefully, giving them some age-appropriate packing tasks is a great way to have them involved. Even toddlers can pick out which toys are going and which they’d like to pass along to a friend or charity locally. A move is a convenient time to purge out any toys they’ve outgrown, but don’t overlook the comfort having their own things in a new environment can offer children. Cuddly toys don’t weigh much, and they can be packed strategically to provide cushioning to fragile items.

Older children can do more real packing work and help with your personal shipping. They can select and fold clothing as well as toys. They can also label boxes and take notes to record what is going in which boxes. Teens can be very helpful with looking up information online. You can even sneak in a maths lesson by having them help you compare prices from different shipping companies in Ireland and determine which offers the most affordable international shipping from Ireland to your destination.

Reassurance for Children and Adults

An international move can trigger some very big feelings in small children. Having them help with packing your personal shipping keeps them busy and gives them a reassuring visual of which things will be with them in their new home.

When you’re ready to check prices on affordable international shipping from Ireland, our experienced staff are on hand to help with your queries. We can offer advice on the service that best meets your needs and your budget.