Planning A Spring Motorcycle Trip Across Europe?


motorcycle trip

As spring slowly arrives, a biker’s thoughts turn to the open road.  When will the weather improve?  When can you get out on the road without the inconvenience and risk that goes with rain and high winds? It might be a while in Ireland, but what about taking your beloved motorcycle on an adventure somewhere where spring is already in full swing?  March in Ireland is more lion than lamb with rain and hail, and April doesn’t come with any guarantees.  But we aren’t that far from sunnier, drier roads and amazing scenery.  And you can ship your motorbike to your desired location, hop on a flight and reconnect upon arrival at your destination.  So the question is really where to go for your epic spring motorcycle adventure?

  • Spain: The A92 road between Granada and Cabo de Gata is popular with motorcyclists for good reason.   It packs a stunning range of scenery into 130 miles.  Enjoy volcanic cliffs, Moorish villages and farmlands as the road follows the edge of the mountainous Sierra Nevada National Park.  It isn’t a very long road, but you’ll find plenty of things that merit a stop to explore more.  In April, the days are usually warm and bright but the nights can be chilly.  
  • Croatia & Montenegro: Fancy gazing at the Adriatic Sea instead of all those puddles?  Start in UNESCO Heritage Site Dubrovnik and enjoy all this gorgeous harbour city has to offer.  Give your legs a good stretch by walking along the ramparts before you get on your motorcycle for the journey.  Then head south on the D8 along the coast and over the border into Montenegro.  Kotor is an under-appreciated gem, and the mountains surrounding the city are dazzling.  You might encounter some rain in April, but not on the same scale as Ireland.  And the scenery will more than compensate.oring
  • Italy: If you like a route that keeps you wide awake, the Amalfi Coast road is ideal.  Start in stunning Sorrento and follow the SS163 to Amalfi on a route first established by the ancient Romans.  Between the twists and turns and the jaw dropping views, you won’t want to blink.  Go ahead of the summer high season to avoid the traffic.  April is also a good time to enjoy some sun without being roasted this far south.

If your dream holiday involves seeing Europe by motorcycle, talk to us at Spratt about how you can do it on your own familiar, beloved bike.  Nothing beats an adventure with an old friend you can trust.  Make it a personal odyssey just you and your motorcycle or go with a group.  Either way, Spratt can help you make it happen this spring.