Sending Love with Parcel Delivery Services

Everyone is joking about the coming post-lockdown baby boom, but what about the babies being born now? At a time when people most need the love and support of their extended family, this pandemic means we should limit our contact with others. The Mayo Clinic among others has warned that babies are more vulnerable because their airways are smaller and their immune systems aren’t well developed. So if you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, godparent or other caring friend or relative, how can you support a new parent and welcome a new baby? In times like these, parcel delivery services can deliver.

You might not be able to visit the baby for a while, but you can send some love in a parcel. A welcome box for a new baby can really brighten the day for parents who are feeling isolated. Of course, video chats are also important and that way you can safely see that new little bundle of joy.

In normal times, you might drop by with a gift and give the new parent a hand. Today, especially if you or the baby are in a county with Level 3 or higher restrictions, you can instead send a box of gifts and practical items to help.

What to Send in a Baby Welcome Box

The fun thing about sending a welcome box to a baby yourself with parcel delivery services instead of just shopping online and having a gift delivered is that you can include a creative assortment of gifts. Here’s a few ideas: 

  • That one special gift for the baby. You might have spotted it long ago, and you’ve been waiting to give it to the baby. It could be a rattle, an adorable rattle or a board book.
  • Babies spit up a lot – no one can have too many bibs or babygrows, not to mention burp cloths! And those tiny socks and mittens are so easy to lose. Why not include some?
  • If you have children yourself, you probably have a few things you’d like to pass along. You can include them too.
  • Are you crafty? If you’ve knit, crocheted or sewed something for the baby, that will be the star of this baby box show.
  • It’s hard for new parents to get to shops in the best of times. They will appreciate some basic supplies that babies go through all the time such as creams for nappy rash, disposable or cloth nappies, wipes, soothers, lotions, help ensure they don’t run out.
  • Don’t forget the parents! A new baby is a huge amount of work on not much sleep. A little pampering for them will be a hit, whether it is a lovely hand cream, their favourite biscuits, or a nice, fluffy new dressing gown.

Parcel delivery services can collect the baby welcome box from your home or office and deliver to the parents’ front door. You can put together a box by yourself, or it can be a collective effort among relatives, friends or work colleagues. A parcel at the door can bring a lot of joy and remind someone that even if they can’t have visitors right now, they aren’t forgotten. Get a quote with our team today and send some love to your family newborn!


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