Sending Love to Those Still Isolated

Sending Love to Those Still Isolated

COVID-19 is still here, and while most of us are getting out more, some people are still isolated. Many older people and those with serious medical conditions are still limiting their risk by staying home as much as possible. As a society, we have sorted out many of the day to day inconveniences. They can buy groceries online and get contactless food delivery. But that doesn’t help the loneliness. Spratt Transport parcel delivery services offer an excellent way to reach out safely and send some love to those still cocooning or severely restricting their contact with others. Sure, they can get almost anything delivered, but a care package includes something special – a personal touch that shows they are on your mind.

One of the fun things about sending a care package using personal shipping is that you can include a mix of different things. It has an element of surprise for the person receiving it. The unique combination of things you include when you send your package via parcel delivery services is so much more personal than a single item from a single store. So what can you include? Here are a few general ideas to get you started putting together a special and personal care package for the loved ones you still can’t see in person.

What to Send Your Loved Ones with Parcel Delivery Services

This is your chance to send them what they can’t get delivered from anyone else. You don’t have to spend a fortune, just some time.

  • Catch up with a photo album. Put together a small album of photos of your favourite memories of times with them or share pictures to show what you’ve been doing since you last saw them. A physical album they can pick up and leaf through is so much more personal than seeing photos online.
  • Bake them a treat. Biscuits, scones, muffins and tea cakes are easy to send as personal shipping because they won’t go off quickly.
  • Are they going out occasionally but limiting contact with others? Or maybe they are looking forward to heading out soon? A few reusable cloth masks with designs they’d love are a real sign that you care about their safety. And they are practical too!
  • Do you have children? Their grandparents, aunts, uncles and other loved ones would be delighted to receive their drawings. Put your little artists to work to create a unique and thoughtful picture.
  • Remember handwritten letters? People who are online a lot for work often find them a relief, and those who have not embraced technology treasure them. Take a few minutes to include a note with your care package.

A care package doesn’t have to be elaborate or huge. Personal shipping is not only for big items. You put your care package together, and Spratt Transport Services will deliver it anywhere in Ireland quickly and safely.