Shipping Companies in Ireland Ready to Help Students Move to University

‘How do I move my stuff to university?’ is a common question, especially for those who are preparing for their first year.

Student moving dilema
Do you really need all your stuff?

With the massive increase in fuel prices and concerns about home heating costs, cramming the family car full and having mam or dad drive you to your new place might not be the most appealing way to go. Whether you are moving far away for university or just beyond a comfortable commute from your home place, professional shipping companies in Ireland can make the whole experience easier so you can focus on settling in, socialising, and of course, studying.

Stay Focused While Studying!

Shipping companies in Ireland offer a budget-friendly option for moving to university. Using a personal shipping company means you spend less than you would on a professional mover, but don’t have to worry about getting all of your things to your new place on your own. We can even come to collect them from your door. This can be a real lifesaver for students without a car, and it also saves drivers a trip to the nearest shipping company, which is usually at a port.

Student moving service
Look at companies that are coming to your home!

Whether you are moving far away from university or just far enough to make commuting from home impractical, a professional shipping company can help a lot. But what exactly is it you should be moving?

What to Take for University and What Not to Take

Any big life change like moving away from home for school is a step into the unknown. What you bring depends a lot on where you are going. If you are studying abroad, study the climate and local activities to decide what clothing and sports equipment you want to bring. But some basics apply to all students.

things you need
Things you really going to need!
  • Bring a variety of clothing including plenty of comfy things for studying and lounging, and at least one nice outfit for more formal occasions such as a dinner at a good restaurant. Include an outfit that you’d wear to a job interview in case you have any kind of official meeting where you want to impress. Comfortable shoes are a must. Slippers and flip flops are also sure to get plenty of use, especially if you are sharing accommodation.
  • You’ll want all of the toiletries you normally use at home of course. Students heading overseas should bring any familiar brands they don’t want to substitute with local ones.
  • ·Towels and bedding are important. While some types of accommodation might include them, it is usually more comfortable to have your own.

So what not to take for university? Avoid bringing anything irreplaceable. Student life can be crazy and unpredictable. Very sentimental items and expensive things you don’t need are best kept safe at home. And if you forget anything, your family can always use one of the shipping companies in Ireland to send it to you.