Shipping Household Goods Overseas by Container

personal-shipping-services-carpenterAlmost 55,000 people moved out of Ireland in the 12 months prior to April 2019, according to the Central Statistics Office. More than 56,000 people left in the 12 months before that, which is less than the almost 65,000 recorded by the Central Statistics Office for the year ending April 2017, but still quite a lot of people. No doubt many were students or people going for finite work contracts, but what about the families moving to pursue careers abroad? Moving is easy when you are one individual without a lot of possessions, but when it is a family with a house full of things, they are likely to have questions about shipping household goods overseas.

People relocating abroad long-term or permanently often prefer to bring their own household goods rather than replace them. Shipping household goods overseas can be cheaper than replacing them in some cases, and can always make your new home feel homier right away. Having your own familiar, comfortable furniture can make the transition to a new place and a new culture easier too. But it raises many questions. How do you send a shipping container overseas? How complicated is household goods shipping overseas? What fits in a shipping container and how should the household goods be packed?

When you want to send a shipping container overseas, it’s important to work with an experienced shipping company like us. Overseas household goods shipping is one of our specialities, and we’ve sent containers of furniture and personal items all over the world. We make it easy for you by collecting your belongings from your home and providing a full customs brokerage service. We can deliver your items to your new home abroad or you can collect them at the port – whichever suits you.

Packing Household Goods for a Shipping Container

Shipping containers come in a range of sizes; 20 foot and 40 foot are common. It is not necessary to fill the container. We can also take less than a full container and consolidate it to give you the benefit of container shipping for a smaller load.

It’s important to pack your belongings carefully for their sea voyage. The ship will be rocked by waves at sea, so everything must be well protected.

  • Very large items do not need to be boxed.
  • Furniture can be covered with shipping blankets and specialised covers. These should be secured with string or packing tape that will not damage the furniture.
  • Pack fragile items with care and plenty of padding. You can line the boxes with towels and bedding for extra protection.
  • Make sure everything is completely clean and dry. It will be in transit for a time, and any dirt or dampness can do damage before your items arrive.
  • Label the outside of each box with your contact details and the contents.

No matter where in the world you are going, Spratt Personal Shipping can help you with household goods shipping overseas. Contact us today to learn more about how to send a shipping container overseas.