Shipping Love Around the World


Is someone you love living overseas? Maybe you are the parent of a student doing a year abroad or a young person who has gone in search of job opportunities and adventure. Maybe your best from way back in national school just accepted a contract to work overseas. Maybe that brother or sister who has always been a bit of a Bohemian has decided to teach English in some distant corner of the globe or has embarked on a round the world travel dream of a lifetime. But with St. Valentine’s Day coming up, you’d like to send not a little bit of love, not a wee card, but quite a huge shipment of love. You might need some expert personal shipping services for that.

Now, let us be very clear about one thing. We cannot ship you. You cannot seal yourself in a box and use personal shipping services to get to your loved one who is overseas. Sorry. You will have to purchase a plane ticket. Trust us, while we are extremely careful with your items and treat every single parcel or container with the utmost consideration, you would not be comfortable.

From Ireland with Love

What is that you might want to send your loved one far away? We do ship almost anything. While we cannot ship you or another living creature in a crate, or explosives, here are some of the many items you can use personal shipping services to send overseas from Ireland.

  • There’s no place like home. If your child is studying or working abroad, you might be surprised at how comforting the duvet from their room can be. Being able to wrap in something from home soothes the homesick heart. And looking around to see artwork and odds and ends from home can help you feel at home anywhere.
  • Finding your way around a new place can be tricky, but having a familiar set of wheels to get around helps. Did someone leave their bike or motorcycle at home? Do they miss it? It is indeed possible to send it via personal shipping. Exploring a new place is more fun with an old friend.

You can send almost anything almost anywhere with personal shipping services. Why not send some love from home to some overseas for St. Valentine’s Day this year?