Shipping Machinery Overseas

While it is mostly manufacturers who ship machinery overseas, when self-employed tradespeople and craftspeople such as carpenters, woodworkers, potters, tailors, mechanics and others move, they need to bring their equipment with them. When they do, it is important that they find international moving companies that have experience shipping machinery overseas safely and securely. Using a firm such as Spratt with experience in both commercial and personal shipping is the best option because not all shipping companies work with both individuals and machinery.

Is Shipping Machinery Overseas Worth It?

Machinery is heavy, even if it is not classed as heavy machinery. That means it can be more expensive to ship than other personal belongings. So is it worth the cost to ship your machinery to your new location abroad? In most cases, yes.

The two main reasons to ship your own equipment and machinery when you move overseas are the cost of replacing it and the time involved in setting up shop in a new location. Your machinery is a huge investment, and while it can be expensive to ship, it can be even more expensive to replace. The cost can vary by location, so before you decide if you want to bring your machinery or replace it, it is important to do some research on the cost of replacing it in your new location.

Time is another factor. For self-employed people, the lost productivity when relocating can be a huge setback. Shipping your machinery overseas usually means you can get up and running and earning faster. Replacing machinery takes times as you shop around for the best deals on exactly what you need and wait for it to be delivered.

Preparing & Packing Machinery for Shipping

All types of machinery and equipment should be cleaned before being packed. Grit, dirt or water can cause rust, corrosion or other damage in transit. Moving parts must be secured for safety and to prevent damage.

Using the appropriate packing material for machinery is essential. The following are good for protecting a variety of machinery and equipment in transit:

  •         Moving blankets;
  •         Foam wrap;
  •         Bubble wrap;
  •         Packing peanuts;
  •         Thin, strong rope;
  •         Adhesive tape;
  •         Shrink wrapping.

When you are shipping machinery overseas by boat, it is important to protect against rust. The salt air can be hard on stainless steel and other metals. You can do some rustproofing before you pack your equipment, such as galvanizing, plating, painting or coating it, and you can protect it further by packing it well and then shrink wrapping it securely.

If you have questions about using international shipping companies for shipping machinery overseas, please get in touch! We can answer your queries about cost, road vs. sea freight, packing and more. Few individuals ship equipment and machinery more than once or twice in their life, but at Spratt, we do it every day.