Shipping Personal Items for Pets

shipping-personal-items-for-your-petMoving overseas with your beloved pet is a huge process full of excitement and optimism, and it can leave you with some questions about shipping personal items for your dog or cat. First, check all the details as we suggested in a previous post. Then review what pet items you own – bedding, toys, grooming tools and other items – to decide what makes sense to bring to keep your pet happy and what you should replace when you arrive in your new location.

An international move can be stressful for people, and we are in charge of it. We know what is happening and understand why it is happening. Your pet simply knows that something strange is in place, and that can be very scary and upsetting. Shipping personal items for them will make your new home feel a bit less strange. While you might want to take one familiar blanket in their carrier, so they have something from home with them immediately, international shipping companies can deliver the rest safely to you.

As with every packing decision, you need to weigh up the cost of shipping and the cost of replacement and consider the emotional value of each item. International shipping companies can advise you about their rates for containers and parcels. Another important step is to check your new neighbourhood for local pet food and accessories suppliers to see what they have to offer, before deciding on what to bring and what your pet will need. You know your furry friend and what are his or her favourite things, so, consider that will also help. 

 What to Pack for Your Pets

Here’s a quick guide to shipping personal items for pets.

  • This might seem like a good time to get rid of your pet’s old bed, but for most of them, this is their biggest source of comfort. To them, smell is extremely important. If you want to replace a pet bed, you can help ease your pet’s transition by replacing it a month or so before you leave or washing their current bedding a week before you go, so it picks up its familiar smell before you pack it.
  • Dogs and cats are not very sentimental about the feeding dishes. Some can be very particular about a treat or two, but that is not supposed to be a huge problem. You can try new treats weeks before the move, to get them to be familiar with new tastes. Generally, as long as they have food in them, your pet will be happy.
  • For cats, a familiar scratch post can be a huge comfort. That’s the sort of thing that can be a bit difficult to move with your luggage, but it’s easily transportable by a shipping company.
  • If your dog needs a coat in wet or cold weather, it makes sense to bring it because it is such a small, light item. 
  • Grooming tools can be replaced, but they are not large or heavy. If yours are well worn, it might be a good time to replace them. Otherwise, there’s no reason not to bring them unless you are really pushed for space.
  • Unless your pet views a favourite toy as a comfort item, and some do, they’ll be delighted to get new ones in their new home.

Pets do not like change. Moving can be frightening for them, so it makes sense to provide some extra comfort by including some of their things with your own when you are shipping personal items. We offer fast, secure and efficient services worldwide, so you can be sure that your and your pet items will arrive safely in your destination country. Contact us today for a quote!