By Sea or By Air: Shipping to USA

shipping to USA

If you are heading to the USA to work or study or just to get your kicks on Route 66, you can use international shipping companies to make your relocation easier. After the long flight over the Atlantic, no one wants to spend ages in baggage claim gathering up several suitcases. And even fewer people want to pay for all that excess luggage! Shipping to the USA is a great option if you are going to be there longer than a holiday.

Items shipping to the USA can go by sea or by air. We offer a daily airfreight service, and a weekly sea freight delivery. The USA is a vast country, and we serve sea and airports in more than 50 cities coast to coast in the continental USA. Whether you have a small box of essentials or a container full of furniture, exercise equipment, kitchen wares, children’s toys and linens, we can get it safely to you in your new home.

Shipping to USA – How It Works

Here’s a step-by-step look at how Spratt Personal Shipping works with you to get your items safely from your home to your new location in the USA.

  • You pack your small items securely in sturdy boxes, suitcases or other suitable containers. Furniture, bikes and other large items should be left unboxed.
  • We collect your items from your home.
  • Back at our secure warehouse, we palletize your shipment to protect your items in transit and to keep your costs down by compacting your shipment to take up less space.
  • Your shipment will travel on the next transport – daily by air or weekly by sea. If you use air freight, your items will be delivered to the main international airport in your area. A local customs/ handling fee with be payable upon collection. If you send your things by sea, they will go to the customs bonded warehouse facility or port in your area, where you can collect them.
  • You are responsible for transport from the collection location to your home.
  • You unpack your things and settle into your new home surrounded by comfortable and familiar belongings.

We’re Going Your Way in the USA

Of course, Spratt Personal Shipping serves the major coastal cities such as Boston, New York, Washington DC, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. We deliver to large cities further inland too, such as Chicago, Denver, Houston and Salt Lake City. But our shipping to USA services covers more than that. We can also get your goods to less high profile places including Chattanooga, Greensboro, Little Rock, Milwaukee, Oklahoma City, Savannah and Wichita.

When you need shipping to the USA for your personal items, you can count on Spratt Personal Shipping. We serve more than 50 cities across the continental USA, and we will work with you to get your items there as economically as possible. Contact us today to get a quote.


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