Shipping Personal Items Vs. Carrying Them

Spratt_Personal_effectsIf you are moving overseas, one of the critical decisions you have to make is what to bring. The second question then is whether to carry it with you or ship it by air or sea freight. If you have a lot to move, such as furniture, it is an easy decision. But if you have a smaller amount of stuff, the question can be harder. Shipping personal items and taking them as luggage both have pros and cons. Here is how they stack up.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Luggage

The biggest advantage of carrying your personal belongings as luggage is that you have everything with you right away. You don’t have to wait for your boxes to arrive or worry about them arriving before you do. You only have to deal with one company – the airline – to get your things to your new country.

The downside is that if you are bringing more than clothes, carrying all of your stuff is hard work. If you need to change planes, do you have to collect everything and get through the airport in a rush to catch your connection? You might be able to get a trolley through the airport, but what about getting it all to your new home? Will you live in the same city as the airport or do you need a take a train or bus to your new town? The cost can also be a factor. It’s important to get quotes for bringing excess baggage and check the overseas shipping cost, which will vary based on whether you choose air freight or sea freight.

Pros and Cons of Shipping Personal Items

Getting through the airport with minimal baggage is so much easier, especially if you have to make a connecting flight. If you can manage with only a carryon bag, you can avoid any time scanning the luggage carousel. Only carrying the minimum means you can make your trip an adventure and stop off at places along the way you’ve dreamed of seeing. You can choose between air and sea freight based on your budget and how quickly you need your things to arrive. You can also opt to collect them at the docks or airport or have them delivered to your new home

Considering the convenience and what airlines charge for extra baggage, the overseas shipping cost is not much of an obstacle. Shipping personal items do mean you’ll have to make a few calls to find the best deal, but if you choose Spratt we will collect your boxes at your home. It might not be possible to have things arrive the same day you do, but you can carry the essentials you’ll need right away.

Every situation is different. If you want to take time out and explore along the way or bring big, bulky items, shipping personal items is a great solution. If you’d rather arrive with everything and don’t have a huge amount of stuff, bringing it as luggage makes perfect sense. If you decide that shipping personal items is the best option for you, we’re happy to provide all the information you need to help it go smoothly.