Spratt Tips: Packing For A Study Year Abroad

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Each year many Irish third-level students head off to colleges and universities all over the world for to resume their studies. While some go for the summer or a specific term, most students go for a whole academic year, sometimes longer.

For a young person especially, making a big move such as this requires a lot of thought and planning. There’s the matter of:

  • The application process for a study visa. (Outside of the EU)

  • Finding and applying for the right educational institute.

  • Booking the plane tickets & sorting out accommodation.

  • And last but not least there’s the stress of packing and shipping your belongings.

Since it’s not a permanent move it is advisable to just bring the necessary items needed for the period of time you are planning to spend abroad. This means it’s best to avoid packing the kitchen sink. Here’s a few tips to help you organise what items to take with you which will help make your move a little bit less stressful.

Only Bring Clothes You Actually Need – This means you can forget about the 20 pairs of shoes in your wardrobe or those knitted jumpers you never wear. Only take clothing items that you actually need and plan to wear. Try bringing a mixed variety for different occasions such as formal events and sightseeing tours. Also always pack accordingly to the climate of the host nation you are visiting.

Bring Essential Electrical Equipment – Just like your clothing items, only take the essentials that you really need. A laptop, usb drive, tablet and mobile device are all essential items. Spare charging cables and batteries are also important. Also make sure to bring a couple of plug adaptors to conform to different voltage systems abroad.

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Take A Little Piece Of Home With You – It’s inevitable that you’ll get homesick from time-to-time; It’s only natural especially for those leaving home for the first time. Always pack something that will remind you of home when you’re missing your friends and family. Maybe take a scrapbook filled with family photos or some personal effects that are important to you.

Make Copies Of Your Important Documents – This is very important. There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than losing an important document such as a passport or driver’s license or having an accident while abroad. At least by making a copy(ies) you have proof of your identification in multiple forms. Keep these documents on you at all times when you are travelling and once you have reached your destination lock them away safely. You never know when you might need them.

Ship Any Bulkier/Larger Items-There is only so much that you can bring with you on a plane. Bring the important things you need in your hand luggage/suitcase and ship excess baggage that you don’t need straight-away to arrive after you have settled into your host country. It is also important to choose the right shipping company to handle the transportation of your excess baggage.

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