Start Packing Your Overseas Shipping Early

Many people are getting to grips with their plans to move abroad being delayed by weeks or months due to travel restrictions necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you are going for work, education or adventure, this unpredictable situation can leave you feeling frustrated and powerless, but there is one silver lining in terms of overseas shipping. You now have extra time to plan for your move to go as smoothly and easily as possible. We’ve all had enough stress over the last few weeks – but you can use this time to make your move as stress-free as possible, whether you plan to send a shipping container overseas or just a few boxes.

Review What to Bring

Now that you are at home all the time, really think about what gives your comfort. What about that comfortable sofa? If you send a shipping container overseas, it’s easy to include all or most of your furniture. Are you finally getting your money’s worth from that exercise bike or elliptical walker? It too can go in your shipping container. And you don’t need to fill a whole container. At Spratt, we are happy to offer less than container load shipments. So don’t hesitate to bring those kitchen things that make preparing your favourite comfort foods so easy. When you know what you want to bring, you can contact international shipping companies for shipping quotes.

Start Packing Now

It’s always good to start packing your overseas shipping as far ahead as possible. While you’ll need some things until the last minute, others won’t be missed because they are out of season or simply not needed right now. If you are waiting to go as soon as travel returns to normal, you can go ahead and pack the clothes you’d wear for nights out and all or most of your office wardrobe. Even if you don’t have boxes yet, you can start planning. Make piles of what to pack together so it is easy to get it all boxed up when you do have containers.

Make Lists

One way to keep your move well organised is to make lists of the things you have to do. What utilities and services do you need to stop at your current home and set up in your new one? What are you packing in which box? (Make a couple of copies of these. You can put one inside the box and attach one to the outside. When you send a shipping container overseas, you’ve got a lot to unpack. Even a few boxes can get overwhelming in a small apartment.) Make a list of the fun things you’ll do in your new location and the interesting places you can visit when you get there.

Moving involves a lot of work in advance, and with little else to do, this is an ideal time to do it. Everyone is different. For some of us, preparing our overseas shipping and getting quotes from international shipping companies is a constructive and positive way to keep busy. If that’s you, talk to us today about how we can help get your things where you need them when you can travel.