What about the Stuff You Need Storage For?


When you are planning to travel for an extended period or do a year abroad for school or work, you have to think long and hard about what to bring with you. What will you need? Are there things you can’t live without but can’t get where you are going? Should you bring some comfort items? But you have to think about what you are not bringing too. What exactly will you do with the belongings that aren’t coming with you? If you are a student doing a gap year, you probably live at home and don’t have to worry about it. But what if you are living in your own place? What if you have a really good desk, some dishes and cookware, and a brilliant stereo that you are not bringing?

In the panic to organize what you are bringing with you, it is easy to overlook what is not coming with you. But you need to make plans for those personal belongings too. If you are going for a year, it doesn’t make sense to pay rent on a flat or room in a house share in Ireland. And would your things even be safe? A vacant place is likely to tempt burglars, and leaving your treasured belongings with people who share a house or someone who sublets can lead to a lot of pain if something goes wrong.

Ship Some, Store Some

It is hard work getting all of your stuff organized. You have to pack some to ship, and you also have to pack up the things you are going to store. Then you have to get each to the right place. But you can make your life a lot easier if you can ship and store with the same company. Spratt Logistics offers both a personal shipping service and a personal storage facility.

Spratt can take care of both shipping your personal belongings and storing your household goods and furniture while you are away. Working with one company for both needs means a lot less hassle and stress for you. And preparing for an extended period of time overseas can be a very stressful time. It’s exciting too, and reducing the stress means you get to focus on the excitement of the adventure ahead.

Spratt Personal Shipping offer fast, secure and efficient services. So you can rest assured that your items will be safe while you are away. Contact us today for a quote!