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Your Grandparents’ Move to Britain

Long before Ryanair, your grandparents found cheap seats to Britain on the mail boats. Their experience wasn’t totally unlike ours. They didn’t have assigned seating either, and it could be a bit rough. But the other options were too dear. Instead of landing at their real destination, they too arrived at a port some distance Read More >

Surviving Your International Move Solo

                  Moving overseas as a carefree singleton is certainly less complicated than moving with a partner and children, but it isn’t easy. Going home alone after a day of navigating a new culture can be a very lonely experience, even with social media shrinking the distance to Read More >

Is Moving to the UK for Work Still an Option?

The chief Brexit negotiator for the European Union will be in Ireland this week to meet with government officials here as plans progress for the UK to leave the EU. Next month, the Taoiseach will chair an-island dialogue on the impact of Brexit. And in Northern Ireland, a broad coalition of groups is bringing a Read More >

A Very Quick History of Irish Immigration to the USA

The number of Americans claiming Irish ancestry is now larger than the number of people in Ireland. The journey from Ireland to the United States of American is a well-worn path, and the history of immigration to the USA from the time of that state’s founding to the present day is reflected in the experiences Read More >

Your Cargo Concierge | Spratt Personal Shipping

Shipping cargo to worldwide destinations is an overwhelming process to tackle single-handedly. It can involve a variety of transport methods – primary among these being Air freight, Sea/Ocean freight and European Road freight. In order to achieve the best possible delivery arrangements and freight cost, it is recommended that you engage the services of a Read More >

One In Six Irish People Now Living Abroad

A recent study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has found that one in six Irish people are now living abroad as emigrants. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Ireland ranked the highest out of all countries included in the study. The findings, which were measured over a twelve-month period leading up to April 2015, found Read More >