Taking the Stress out of Excess Baggage

Spratt Personal Shipping Dublin can do more than transport entire home contents and vehicles for our clients.  We can help those with excess baggage to get those items they just can’t be without, more cheaply transported to destinations all over the world.

Excess baggage IrelandWe all know that sinking feeling when we realise that the suitcase we have rammed full of those things we can’t live without and that five members of our family had had to sit on to get it closed is going to be overweight – very overweight.  And what’s more the check-in staff look positively hostile and unlikely to entertain even a kilo of overweight baggage.

The sight of people desperately throwing clothes and other things out of their suitcases to avoid a massive excess baggage charge is something that is seen in airports up and down the land.  But what happens to the stuff then?  If they have relatives seeing them off they might take it back for them.  If not, well it’s time to find out if you really will be able to live without those precious items.

At Spratt Personal Shipping Dublin we have come to the rescue of many people who have discovered to their cost, that suitcases, although they might be able to hold a lot of stuff that can be packed in very neatly, the finished masterpiece of space saving packing efficiency will not necessarily cut it when it comes to the unforgiving scales of todays ‘grab every penny that you can’ airlines.


Excess baggage DublinThe best way to make sure that you arrive at your destination with all the things that you really want with you is to get Spratt Personal Shipping Dublin to transport your excess baggage for you. This is particularly helpful if you are going abroad for an extended period perhaps as a student or on business.


So to avoid those embarrassing scenes on the floor of the airport check in as you rummage through your carefully packed suitcase (that even though you have removed stuff will never shut again) put in a call to Spratt Personal Shipping Dublin.

You may think that Personal Shipping sounds expensive, but its not half as expensive as an excess baggage charge will be!  Spratt Personal Shipping Dublin is ready to take the stress and the sting out of excess baggage charges.