Air Vs. Sea: Choosing the Right Overseas Shipping Service


When you are shipping personal items overseas, you have two options: air freight or sea freight. The type of overseas shipping that is best for your items depends on many factors. When you are getting a shipping quote, you can ask a few questions to help you decide which one is the better option for you. Here are some of the factors to consider when choosing the right overseas shipping service for you on this occasion.

  • How large is your shipment? If you are shipping a house full of furniture or a large shipment, shipping it by sea is going to work better, mostly because it is less expensive. If you have a few boxes or parcels, air freight is the option for you and is also faster. The size and weight of your shipment, along with the shipping method, will determine your shipping quote.

  • How quickly do you need your items? Planes travel a lot faster than ocean freighters. If you need your shipment quickly, air freight is the answer. However, if you are not in a rush, sending it by sea can ensure you get there before your shipment does. Spratt Personal Shipping offers daily air freight and weekly sea freight services.

  • What is the ultimate destination? You will need to collect your shipment from the airport or port where it is delivered, so it makes to pick whichever type of overseas shipping is most convenient for you to reach if all other factors are relatively even.

  • Which port has the smoothest collection service? You will need to deal with customs clearance regardless of which you service you choose. This is where local ex-pat online forums or groups are extremely helpful. Ask about other people’s experience of the nearest airport or port and see if one option appears to be better run than the other. Also, check the times you can collect your items.

  •  What are you sending? Delicate items are usually safest with air travel. If you are opting for sea freight, pack everything very carefully to protect it.

  • What is the price of each? Cost is the deciding factor in many cases. Generally, sea freight is cheaper because an ocean-going freighter can hold so much more than a plane. Get a shipping quote for each, and see how much difference the price difference makes for you.

  • What about the environmental impact? Concern for the health of the planet is influencing how more and more people make decisions. If keeping the ecological impact of overseas shipping as low as possible is a priority for you, sea freight has a smaller carbon footprint.

When you contact Spratt for a personal shipping quote, we are happy to discuss it with you and help you decide which type of overseas shipping will be best for you on this occasion.


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