Tips for Saving Money on Your International Shipping Quote

Moving abroad is a big investment of your time, energy, and money. You might be delighted to pour your time and energy into this dream, but your money is a different story! We all love saving our hard-earned cash when we can, especially if it doesn’t involve too much sacrifice. When you are moving abroad, you can save money on your personal shipping in two ways. First, you can pack frugally, and second you can opt for the least expensive method of shipping.

Packing to Save

Lots of people overlook the cost of packing supplies when calculating their moving costs. The shipping quote isn’t the whole cost of moving. While packing your clothes in discarded boxes from the supermarket often results in weird-smelling clothes spilling out of ripped boxes, you don’t have to spend a fortune on packing supplies you’ll use once.

We’ve all been shopping online more since the pandemic began, and that means a lot of people you know have been getting some quality boxes. Put the word out that you need them, and people are generally happy to pass them along instead of recycling them. But be picky! Another frugal option is to purchase sturdy plastic boxes – the type that won’t crack easily – that you can use for storage for years to come. Check your local charity shops and freecycle pages for suitcases and duffel bags for your soft items.

preparing for international shipping

Instead of purchasing bubble wrap, ask your friends to save any from their online shopping. You can also use your clothing, towels and bedding to wrap fragile items and pad your boxes. This will also help keep the weight of your personal shipping down, which will mean a lower shipping quote.

Getting a Better Shipping Quote

Your quote is based on the weight of your items, the space they require and the method of shipping. When you are contacting international shipping companies, ask about their options for a less than full container load. If your items don’t fill a container, you don’t have to pay for a whole container.

While you’ll need some essentials as soon as you arrive, you might not need everything you are bringing right away. Sending items such as exercise equipment and out of season clothing by sea or road freight instead of air will keep your shipping costs low. What transportation options will you have in your new location? How far is it to the port? You might be able to save by collecting your items rather than having them delivered to your door.

Good international shipping companies are happy to explain all of your options to help you keep your costs down. When you get shipping quotes, ask plenty of questions and take lots of notes. Personal shipping is one of the areas where you have some control over the costs associated with this exciting move… And that means more money to spend on exploring new destinations and enjoying your new home.

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