Tour Colourful Canada by Motorcycle


The New England region of the USA gets all the limelight for its stunning autumn leaves, but Canada’s eastern seaboard is a dazzling option. Anyone looking for an alternative to New England for fabulous fall foliage should look no further than the USA’s northern neighbour. After all, Canada even features a red leaf on its flag. And the ultimate way to see the Canadian trees at their finest is on a motorcycle tour. If you’ve ever dreamed of a taking your bike on an epic road trip, an autumn tour of eastern Canada could be a dream come true.

Shipping your motorcycle is easier than you might think. Of course, you can rent a bike there but that means getting used to new wheels on unfamiliar roads. If you’d rather take your own, simply give it a good clean and resist the urge to fill the petrol tank before you have it shipped. The tank should be less than a quarter full. Do inflate the tyres fully. Give your bike a good tune up or take it to your mechanic. It is critical to make sure that nothing is leaking before you ship it.

Top 5 Routes to See Autumn Leaves in Canada

Whether you are planning a truly epic tour taking a few weeks or want to hit the highlights in a couple of day trips, these are the top spots to enjoy the beauty of autumn in Canada. Peak time viewing is from late September through October.

      1. Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia:  This loop of road can be done in about four hours. Debate rages about which direction is best, but since it is short you can do it twice if you have two days. There’s a lot of beauty packed into this trail.
      2. Laurentian Mountains, Quebec: Care for some adrenaline with your autumn colours? This is the spot. Twisty roads, dazzling colours and even some places to stop for some zip lining. You’ll also find a comprehensive range of tourist amenities with loads of options for your lodging.
      3. Appalachian Range, New Brunswick: Take in the highest peak in the Maritimes on this stunning stretch of road. Visit the Mount Carleton Provincial Park and avoid the larger roads for an unforgettable Canadian experience.
      4. Prince Edward Island: It’s a small island, but it has the longest display of autumn colour because of the influence of that warm ocean air. (Warm being a relative term!) If you’re going late in the season, this is a solid choice with lots of roads crisscrossing it to explore.
      5. Niagra Parkway, Ontario: This route is extremely popular for a reason. It’s amazing! This one takes you right along the US border from picturesque Niagra-on-the-Lake past the famous falls to Fort Erie. Travelling from Lake Ontario to Lake Erie is pretty any time of year, but the splendour of autumn is an incredible time to go.

If you love the idea of touring around seeing those brilliant leaves changing colour, any of these routes should be a memorable experience. Take your time and stop to capture the colour on your camera. The sheer vastness of North America makes it a fantastic destination to bring your motorcycle.

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