What Does that Transport Freight Quote Include?

When you’re looking at freight quotes for your business, it is vital to understand just what is and is not included in the price. A transport company can simply collect items at one location and deliver them to another. But that’s just the bare bones. To really get value for your money, you want a full-service transport logistics company. And to avoid unpleasant surprises, you want to ensure the freight quote that you get includes all of the services you need. Here are some critical transport and logistics services to ask about if you are looking for a new provider.

Bonded Warehousing & Pallet Storage

If your own storage facilities are limited, you might prefer to have shipments held for a bit before they are delivered to you. Bonded warehousing and pallet storage means that the international shipping company that receives your consignment brings to their own facility. There, they unload and palletise the goods. If necessary, they can store the goods before delivering to ensure you are prepared to receive your shipment. When you are getting a freight quote, ask if it includes bonded warehousing and pallet storage. You might not always need it, but when shipment times are unpredictable, it can help you maintain a steady, reliable flow of goods.

Container Shunting

When you receive a container shipment, after the crew has unloaded the goods, the container itself must be returned to the port. At Spratt, container shunting is included in our price, but if you are getting freight quotes from a variety of international shipping companies it is important to ask about this. You want to ensure you are not stuck with an extra charge you were not anticipating, and keeping a container is not an option. We can also collect empty containers to bring to your premises for you to load for export.

Pick & Pack Services

Need something more? Some international shipping companies – including Spratt – offer a pick and pack service to make it even easier to run your business and keep your customers happy. We can collect your shipment from the airport or seaport, unload it and keep it in our secure, bonded warehouse until you instruct us to palletise the boxes and send them out to your customers as individual orders. We even offer a stock control system.

To compare international shipping companies, you have to know what they offer and just what is included in their freight quote.That way, you can compare like with like. You might be able to reduce your costs by also availing of pick and pack services.

At Spratt Transport, we are always happy to discuss your needs and how we can best meet them. Your questions and concerns matter to us, and we want you to understand exactly how our services work so you can get the most from them. Why not call us today to see how we can help?