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Tempted by Toronto?

Has Canada’s recent decision to allow more visas for Irish people got you thinking? If you are looking at possibilities in Canada, think about Toronto. If you like cities, this is one of the biggest and best. Toronto is growing, and that means increasing opportunity. It usually ranks high on any list of most liveable Read More >

Could You Tackle Argentina?

A massive, Spanish-speaking country in South America is not the most obvious place to search for the Irish diaspora or discover fascinating titbits about Irish history. It certainly isn’t where you’d expect to hear people speaking with a Westmeath accent. We all know about the waves of Irish migration to North America and Australia, but Read More >

Taking Your Career on the Road

The Irish have a reputation when it comes to travel. This small island has sent people to every corner of the globe. We’ve travelled to escape difficult conditions at times and also to embrace adventure. Once upon a time, people left having little idea what awaited them at their destination. Today, we are more likely Read More >

College and Culture in Norway

Norway is getting a lot of attention lately as an affordable college option. Tuition is free, but most undergraduate courses are taught in Norwegian. International students have to prove their fluency in Norwegian to qualify for college there. It’s easier to find post grad programmes in English. Nonetheless, the idea of studying in Norway has Read More >