What to Do Before You Move Overseas

Are you considering an international move in 2024? You’ll have an enormous amount of stuff to do to prepare for an overseas move – everything from researching your destination to making memories with friends to searching for the best affordable shipping. The very first step is to start making a list of all of those tasks and to plug them into a schedule so you can stay on top of it all. 

Some of the tasks will be different based on your circumstances. A student going abroad for a year, a family relocating for a career and a retiree heading to a sunnier place have different needs. But many of the core tasks are the same – and some of them can be done months in advance.

What to Do Before You Move Overseas

Here are some top tips for things to do months ahead of a big move.

  1. Start the Purge

We all have too much stuff! Even if you are young and living at home, you probably have some old clothes you will never wear and some childhood things that don’t have a lot of sentimental value. Taking half an hour a week to reduce the clutter now will make things much easier when you are packing up. Taking less is one way to keep costs down with affordable shipping.

  1. Research Your Destination

We have a boundless plethora of information about pretty much everywhere in the world at our fingertips. You can practice the language, read reviews of all the attractions and restaurants, admire photos and even preview the streets you’ll be walking and driving down. But don’t forget to research the boring but essential stuff too, such as how insurance, banking, public transport and rental properties work. Don’t assume anything is the same.

  1. Prepare to Cancel Your Utilities

Read over what you need to do and when you need to do it to cancel your electricity, gas, broadband, television licence, gym membership, creche place, insurance and anything else you pay regularly but won’t need. Investigate your options for your mobile phone. Talk with your bank whether or not you plan to close your account.

  1. Get Social

Moving isn’t all drudgery! Check out what types of activities you might enjoy in your new home that will give you a chance to meet other people. Take a yoga class, volunteer at an animal shelter, join a walking club. You don’t need stellar skills in the local language to start enjoying life there.  The local library can be a wonderful resource. And you can start following local groups on social media before you arrive to get a head start. 

  1. Prep to Pack

Consider the best way to pack up what you are sending via personal shipping. Large, reusable plastic boxes and second-hand suitcases are good ways to make your move more eco-friendly and affordable. You can use towels and bedding as packing materials too. When you have a good idea of how much you are bringing, you can start gathering affordable shipping quotes.

When you have questions about personal shipping, our experts are here for you. Why not get in touch to discuss the best shipping options for you?