Your Questions about Overseas Shipping

Most of us don’t ship our belongings around the world very often, so the process can seem confusing from the outside. We’ve found that sometimes customers have some ideas about overseas shipping that just don’t match the reality. If you’re planning an international move or sending a parcel to a loved one overseas, read on to get the real story of how international shipping from Ireland works as we answer some questions.

overseas shipping

What Is Overseas Shipping?

Because we’re an island, anything leaving here can be considered overseas shipping. It can go by air, by sea or (mostly) by land. Shipments going by land can take an actual ship to continental Europe where the containers are transferred to trucks.  Surface shipping can refer to sea, land or a combination of both.

What Is the Cheapest Overseas Shipping Method?

This is one of the most common questions we get – and it’s no surprise. The cheapest international shipping from Ireland depends on the weight and destination of your shipment. And the cheapest shipping method is not always the best value. For example, it might be cheaper to send a parcel by surface – but if it means you are left without furniture in your new home or suitable clothing in your new job, it is probably worth paying a little more to avoid replacing things you need.

Of course, not everything has to go in the same shipment. If you are moving overseas, you can send your furniture and most items by surface, but send a parcel of clothing and other items you need sooner by air.

How Safe Are Shipments by Sea, Land or Air?

It’s natural to worry about your belongings travelling across the world. And it is important to pick an international shipping company you can really trust. Personal shipping isn’t like commercial shipping – it’s more personal! While a container of products can be replaced, your child’s artwork and your grandmother’s recipe book cannot.

People worry about weather damaging items sent by international shipping from Ireland if they go by road or sea. The reality is that while temperatures are beyond a shipping company’s control, if your items are packed well, they should be fine. They will be well protected inside a container. It is important to choose a personal shipping company with a secure warehouse to store your items temporarily before they leave.

Customer service is a vital part of overseas shipping for individuals. At Spratt Personal Shipping, we understand that. Our experienced staff are here to answer whatever questions you may have. We want to help you make your overseas move as stress-free as possible or to ensure that your parcel is delivered safely and on time. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns you have about your overseas shipping needs.