Irish Personal Effects & Excess Baggage Shipping

Spratt Personal Shipping, the best personal effects shipping company in Ireland, can offer you a fantastic and cheap Irish Personal Effects shipping and Excess Baggage Shipping service from Dublin and worldwide!

Spratt Personal Shipping provide the best Irish excess baggage and personal effects export and import shipping service from Dublin, Ireland, and the Irish shipping company name is famous for doing so for around the world. We also specialise in shipping parcels worldwide. The main countries for shipping excess luggage to and personal effects from are Australia, Africa, South Africa, New Zealand – NZ, USA, Canada, North and South America, Malaysia, Philippines, China, India, Far and Middle East, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Nigeria along with Europe including England, Scotland, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. We Provide A great courier service all over the world.

Examples of Irish Personal Effects and Excess Luggage Shipping items, boxes, suitcases and cargo that our customers usually ship from our shipping company in Dublin, Ireland:

1. CDs
2. Books
3. Clothes
4. Household Goods
5. Household Kitchen Utensils
6. Furniture
7. Bikes
8. Beds
9. Garden and other household items are all shippable
10. Home and Office Equipment

If you are shipping a car from Dublin, Ireland then there is no problem in including your shipment of personal effects and excess baggage, personal belongings, excess luggage, personal goods, unaccompanied baggage from Dublin, suitcases, personal items, shipping boxes overseas in the shipping container along with your car vehicle. We will do it professionally and the right way.

How it works:

You contact us for a quote.

We come and get your personal goods from wherever you require.
We bring them back to our own secured Irish warehouse with 24 hour cctv to palletise the goods and professionally wrap the goods with ultra strong shrink wrapping.

We then weigh and dim (dimensions) the goods on our freight industry approved weighing scales.
After that we arrange for it to be shipped by air*, sea** or road*** – whichever you require.
Goods reach your destination.

*For air shipments we give a tracking no. (AWB no.) to help trace goods at destination airport.
**for sea shipments you are contacted by our agent at destination port to arrange their local procedures, customs etc.
***For road shipments around Europe, our agent rings final destination to arrange delivery.

For a full list of countries, cities and ports Spratt Personal Shipping ship to please click here
If you’re country, city or port is not listed then do not worry! Just email or phone us with your destination country, port, city or airport and we will source a service for you to that destination!

Contact Spratt Personal Shipping for a Cheap Irish Excess Baggage and Personal Effects Shipping Quote today for a super quick response! Or if you want to contact us by email by clicking the link provided or phone us at +353 1 8527100
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